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Tech To The Rescue is a voluntary movement of tech companies to help social impact organizations around the world implement digital solutions to scale up their influence.

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Non-profit organizations need tech support to maximize impact in the light of the ongoing war in Ukraine. Help them design digital solutions that matter.


Less suffering for animals equals a more sustainable world for humans. Let’s build solutions that can keep the world in balance for future generations!

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Thanks to this program, Non-profits can receive support
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Thanks to TTTR, The Lily Project is working with a great technology partner, Cloud Primero, to develop the first mobile app designed specifically to help young women in Latin America become informed, confident advocates of their own sexuality, health, education and power. TTTR expertly guided us through the process of matching us with the right partner. And it is a global experience with teams coming together from Nicaragua, US, Poland, Netherlands & Pakistan!
Susan Coton
Co-founder & Executive Chair | The Lily Project
TTTR gathered an amazing team of partners’ staff and freelancers who swiftly joined forces and comprehensively supported us in creating an interactive website with the results of our research. Without this intensive collaboration, the research would not have reached our target audience, ending on a 'shelf'. Engaging and visually compelling presentation is just what we needed to be able to advocate for change!
Misza Czerniak
Programme Manager | LGBT Christians Forum
We work and collaborate with TTTR in ASPI-Re, an initiative created by Ashoka and Societal Platform, which aims at supporting Social Entrepreneurs to scale their impact 100x by leveraging technology. I'm amazed by how professional and committed Tech Experts brought by Tech To The Rescue are. If you need high-quality Tech professionals for your non-profit, go to TTTR.
Maria Zapata
Executive Director | Ashoka ASPI-Re
TTTR matched us with Nocodely. Initially we thought they would be helping us with a simple website and some software recommendations. We had no idea that Nocodely was going to unite all of our needs into connected systems and help us automate some of our processes. Final product is a beautiful and interconnected website with our CRM and project management system. TTTR and Nocodely have and are delivering way beyond what we had hoped for.
Leigh Steele
Engagement Officer | The Knowledge Pledge

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Tech To The Rescue bridges the gap between the Tech and Social world. We collect and vet the non-profit needs for scaling the impact so the companies know their contribution would create real change.
On the other hand, we are the biggest community of professional Tech teams that want to support
Non-profits on pro-bono or low-bono basis.

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