We matched the Evergreen Cities Foundation with ACLIS, a team of innovators who combine web design, development, and branding into beautiful and engaging digital experiences. ACLIS has joined hands with Evergreen Cities Foundation to support an innovative solution addressing plastic waste and to develop the Evergreen Mobile Recycling app, a revolutionary, community-based platform to solve big problems that are connected to the poor waste management system: poverty, health-related issues and reducing environmental costs.

We are proud to be a part of this transformative initiative, where the expertise of ACLIS, and Tech To The Rescue aligns seamlessly with the mission of the nonprofit. Leveraging their IT proficiency, This collaboration signifies a powerful union of visionaries and experts committed to creating tangible change.


Tech To The Rescue team engaged:

  • Selin Yildiz, Nonprofit Relations Manager
  • Natalia Gruszczynska, Matching Manager
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