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Build for change. Become a changemaker.

Register your tech team and help 100+ outstanding nonprofit organizations unlock their potential with AI!

AI for Changemakers is a global accelerator program for Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovators and leading nonprofit organizations, to collaborate and build AI solutions that solve the world’s most pressing problems. 

Tech companies registering will work directly with selected nonprofits and offer pro-bono support to build AI solutions. Participation in the program is free of charge.

  • Become a part of the vibrant AI for Changemakers community tackling real-world problems with AI
  • Network with AI innovators, leading nonprofits and mentors on the Discord channel
  • Build impactful AI solutions in collaboration with selected nonprofits
  • Upskill and network with changemakers in a global arena
  • Participate in Demo Days and get recognition for your work.
Join the program!

Come on board to build AI for impact.

The 3 stages of the accelerator program
AI for Changemakers - register
Participants registration
Tech registrations are open on an ongoing basis. Nonprofit organisations apply in line with the impact cohorts Application Timeline (see below). Participation in the program is free of charge.
AI for Changemakers - bootcamp
AI Bootcamp
Selected nonprofits embark on a 6-week AI Bootcamp program with AI experts to develop AI competences, formulate their AI strategy and scope AI projects for the next stage.
AI for Changemakers - Sandbox
AI Sandbox
Tech companies chose the AI projects they want to work on and build responsible & resilient AI solutions with support from a vibrant community of practice, and present at Demo Days.
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Download the program deck now to dive into the exciting opportunities awaiting your company. Don’t miss out on this chance to shape the future – act now and discover how you can be a part of a truly transformative program!

Is your tech team ready?

Take the opportunity to build AI for impact.

The AI accelerator program that puts social impact first.

AI for Changemakers offers an exceptional opportunity for tech companies to collaborate with leading nonprofits in developing innovative, responsible, and practical AI solutions for real-world challenges.

Nonprofits are pivotal in addressing social and environmental issues, yet they often lack access to cutting-edge technology. By participating in this program, your tech company can bridge the technology gap and make a meaningful impact. Join us!

200 +
AI challenges
impact cohorts

How can nonprofit organisations join the program?

We are recruiting 110+ leading nonprofits ready to boost their impact with AI.

Registrations for the first impact cohort are now open!


Application Timeline for nonprofit organizations
1AI for Disaster Management
2AI for Climate
3AI for Health
4AI for Education
5AI for Economic Opportunity
AI for Disaster Management

Cohort size: 10 nonprofit organisations

Call for applicants: April 2024

Selection of nonprofits: May 2024

AI Bootcamp for selected nonprofits: June 2024


▶️  Register to apply for the AI for Changemakers Program!

AI for Changemakers

Selection criteria for nonprofit organizations

Nonprofit organisations must register to join Tech To The Rescue and then go through a Qualification interview with our Nonprofit Relations team. In this interview, organizations must demonstrate their impact track record and a robust growth strategy in which technology is a key factor. Only eligible organizations will be chosen for the program. Here are the main selection criteria:

  • Proven, scalable social intervention with high-impact potential
  • Strong and committed team (leadership and project team)
  • Strategic focus on implementing AI, with invested internal resources.
  • Basic tech capacity to maintain the solution: essential technical know-how to maintain AI solutions.

➡️  Download the AI for Changemakers - Program Brochure for Nonprofits

Register nonprofit
Program mentors
  • AI for Changemakers - mentor - Mateusz Kozak
  • AI for Changemakers - mentor - Julia Szopa
  • AI for Changemakers - mentor - Dominika Basaj
  • AI for Changemakers - mentor - Mateusz Kurleto
  • AI for Changemakers - mentor - Ivona Tautkute
Main sponsors
  • AWS

Program partners

Meet the program team
Jacek Siadkowski
CEO of Tech To The Rescue Foundation
"There has never been a better time to join a transformational AI for Good programme. We're excited to inspire a movement in the tech industry and to foster impactful AI collaborations, which will truly reimagine how the impact sector works."
Angelika Nocoń
Nonprofit Scouting Manager
"Our community of changemakers is a real global force. With this program, we want to identify and recruit outstanding nonprofit organisations, that have the mission, dedication and skills to tackle challenges in new ways - with AI!"
Ana Camerano
Matching Manager
"Every pro-bono match at Tech To The Rescue is built on trust, mutual respect and a real desire to make an impact by combining the domain expertise coming from nonprofits with technical skills from the tech company. This accelerator also invests in skills-building for nonprofits, which is unique."
Jean Ekwa
Communications/ PR Manager
AI for Changemakers is inspiring a real movement, in which the tech players start investing in impact by making their skills accessible for nonprofits. We want to tell amazing impact stories, make the tech heroes and nonprofits shine and inspire action!
Mikolaj Jeznach
Strategic Partnerships
"My role is about making sure the coalition behind AI for Changemakers is a diverse, strong and committed group of organisations that bring their expertise, people and resources to the table, and co-create the future of responsible and impactful AI together."
Ciro Reynoso
Tech Acquisition Lead
"Every tech company that joins the community is already a changemaker, because it shows their dedication and interest to develop their AI skills and portfolio by tackling burning challenges with impact projects. I encourage every tech leader to act now. The benefits are bigger than what we can foresee today."

Frequently asked questions

Who are Tech To The Rescue Foundation?

Tech To The Rescue is a global platform connecting technology companies with nonprofits around the world to solve the world’s most pressing problems through technology. Since 2020, we have enabled more than 650 impactful pro-bono collaborations between tech companies and nonprofits from more than 60 countries.

Our mission is to make pro-bono work for nonprofits a new tech industry standard and to harness impactful collaborations that allow us to solve the world’s most pressing challenges with innovative technological solutions. 

Can my tech company get funded in the program?

The big idea behind the AI for Changemakers program is about bridging the AI access gap and fostering impactful collaborations between the tech and impact sectors. Therefore, funding is not our primary goal, but we want to offer tech companies a chance to shine and showcase their AI solutions in case studies, webinars, impact videos and by inviting selected projects on stage during the global Demo Days.

How can my tech team benefit from the AI for Changemakers program?

Once you register for the program, you will get access to the Slack channel of the AI for Changemakers community and network with other AI tech companies and nonprofits. On an ongoing basis, we will be scouting outstanding nonprofits, lead them through the 6-week AI Bootcamp and then release/ publish impactful AI project briefs, that your team can chose from.

Once we match you with an organization, you will benefit from support from the community of practice, and we will organize check-in meetings to see how the cooperation with the nonprofit is going.

We want to put tech heroes who engage in pro-bono AI projects in the spotlight and invite you to Demo Days where you can pitch your solutions.

How does my NGO benefit from the program?

After completing the application and qualification interview stages, we will select a limited number of nonprofits in every impact cohort. All selected nonprofits will benefit from:

  • Access to pro-bono AI talent and tech companies
  • $6M in infrastructure / compute credits
  • Access to a community of mentors and experts
  • AI Strategy boot camps
  • 2  years of ongoing AI support
  • Practical progress checks
  • Demo day event to pitch to potential donors.

What do I commit to when joining Tech To The Rescue?

Registration and membership in the community is free of charge. The commitment we expect is to be an active member of the community, engage with 1 or more nonprofits, complete the AI projects that you chose and share your learnings within the community of practice.

My tech company is interested in supporting an organisation from a future impact cohort, when is the best moment to register?

We encourage you to register right away and use the opportunity to get acquainted the community, mentors, and ongoing projects (if you want). This will help you get ready for when your cohort of interest is ready to release/ publish their AI project. Only community members will have the chance to select projects that they want to engage in.

What happens if I need to leave the program?

We have 4+ years experience in matching tech companies with nonprofits for pro-bono projects; having said that – we know plans sometimes change. If something changes in your availability or business plans, and you have to drop off a project, please get in touch with us and we will find a solution.

When does the AI for Changemakers program end?

For now, we have planned 5 impact cohorts for the years 2024 – 2026. Depending on the scope and duration of the projects, we will be informing the community about new cohorts and opportunities for them to make an impact.

Want to know more?

Need more information about the program? Do you want to get engaged in a different way?