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Why engage your tech company in this campaign?
Become a member of the Tech for Good movement
Social impact becomes one of the most important criteria for Gen Z when choosing their place of work. Companies that are actively involved in the Tech for Good movement will gain a huge advantage over the competition.
Engage in a pro-bono initiative with tangible results
A lot of seemingly small-scale engagement could go a long way. Don’t worry about finding the right NGO, don’t worry about verifying the impact – get matched by Tech to the Rescue and be sure that you will provide meaningful help.
Unlock the power of purpose in your organization
Tech talent today seeks flexibility, socially responsible ventures, and value propositions that are about more than just making money. The ones who are capable of connecting purpose and vision with work are going to be able to attract and retain top talents.
Project Delivery process for NGO

What tech solutions do nonprofits in Ukraine need?

Nonprofits are at the heart of civil society in Ukraine. While the age of digitization has dawned, charities are still far behind private businesses and state institutions. Weak security systems, outdated software and a lack of user-friendly UI and UX make it difficult for them to operate.

  • Improving Cybersecurity
  • Improving Resource Distribution
  • Making IT services redundant
  • Making Donations Easier
  • Embedded payments
  • Safe Messaging
  • Empowering Local Organizations
  • Better Decision Making with Data
  • Improving Website Usability
  • Increasing Conversions
  • Implementing Strategic Platforms
  • Decentralizing Resource Management

Discover impactful tech projects for Ukraine

See how our tech partners engaged and supported nonprofits in Ukraine with pro-bono tech solutions.
Software Development
On a Mission to Preserve the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage
Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online (SUCHO) is a movement of librarians, archivists, researchers, and developers from different countries, who came together to archive content from Ukrainian cultural websites.
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Mobile App Development
Support Ukrainian Children in Dealing with Trauma
Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow (YTT), is a Paris-located, global art-based Humanitarian NGO that develops and implements an unparalleled psychosocial support Learning Approach to refugee communities around the world. The YTT founder reached out to Tech To The Rescue to help develop an app for Ukrainian refugee children. The idea was that all parents and caregivers could download the app on their phones and use it with their children to help them deal with the trauma they suffered as victims of war.
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New Digital Platform To Raise Awareness on Domestic Violence and Support Victims Worldwide
“Woman for Woman” is a social impact project of the Ukrainian nonprofit “Women’s Perspectives”, that raises awareness on the long-term effects of domestic violence through personal stories.
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Apps Development
Peace of Heart — NFTs as a new method of fundraising for Ukrainian war victims
Polish Humanitarian Action's mission is to make the world a better place by alleviating human suffering. The charity was looking for new ways to support victims of war in Ukraine and wanted to explore innovative digital solutions that would be able to scale quickly.
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A match-making platform for refugees and accommodation providers
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine immediately resulted in the biggest European refugee crisis we have seen in decades.
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How can your company get engaged?

1. Take the pledge

Decide whether you want to provide custom software development or pledge your willingness to offer tech consulting services to nonprofits.

2. Select the projects of your interest

Declare in what kind of projects you would like to participate in – define your cause preference and your tech expertise. We will get back to you with a list of potential projects that you could support.

3. Get matched and start building solutions

Participate in a Matching Call where you will get to meet the nonprofit team and check if there is a spark for a joint project. If yes – then we will organize a project scoping session and you are good to go!

Ready to engage?

Let’s find an impact project for your team.

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