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Building a global movement

Since 2020, we have facilitated more than 700 impactful pro-bono collaborations between tech companies and nonprofits on five continents.

Tech companies from 62 countries
Non-profits from 83 countries
impactful projects
$ 7M+
value of tech services enabled
Our global impact in numbers

Annual Impact Reports

Every year Tech To The Rescue Foundation offers an overview of the key programs and activities and the role we played in shaping the Tech For Good narrative towards a systemic change in the tech industry.

Image : Impact Report 2023
Impact Report 2023

We are presenting a thorough summary of our impact, activities, and growth achieved throughout the year 2023 – the third year of Tech To The Rescue operations.

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Image : Impact Report 2022
Impact Report 2022

We are presenting a summary of our activities and the impact we achieved throughout the year 2022 – the second year of Tech To The Rescue operations.

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Letter from our CEO

In 2023, the IT sector faced unprecedented challenges. marked by cutbacks and a general downturn. Yet, in the midst of this, we at Tech To The Rescue have witnessed a heartening trend: despite the situation, more IT companies are stepping forward to offer pro bono technology solutions. This commitment signals a transformative shift in the industry, proving that pro bono work is becoming an integral part of the tech business ethos, just as it has been part of the legal industry for so many years.

2024 is About Taking Nonprofits’ Impact to the Next Level with AI. 

Looking ahead to 2024, we are filled with excitement. The upcoming year promises greater investment in AI capabilities, increased collaboration with market leaders, and a continued rise in the adoption of pro-bono initiatives from the tech industry. We are dedicated to make sure that thousands of nonprofits not only have access to state-of-the-art technology but are also equipped to use it effectively. Our vision is clear: by 2030, we aim to unlock $1 billion in value, firmly establishing the pro bono model in the tech industry as robustly as it exists in the legal field.

Jacek Siadkowski
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CEO and Co-Founder of Tech To The Rescue
AI for Changemakers Accelerator Program by Tech To The Rescue


Build AI for impact

The AI for Changemakers accelerator program is an exceptional opportunity for tech companies to collaborate with leading nonprofits in developing innovative, responsible, and practical AI solutions for real-world challenges. Registration is now open!

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