GA4 audits are systematic reviews of a company’s GA4 setup to ensure it’s optimized to yield the best data for its marketing strategy. Commutatus created a sample Google Analytics 4 audit template that could be sent out to organizations that had already completed the migration. Tech To The Rescue then stepped in and sent out an email to their NGO roster informing them of the free audit offer and the reduced rate for subsequent data services. They matched Commutatus with 15 nonprofits from 9 countries: Poland, Germany, Belgium, the US, Ghana, Portugal, Netherlands, DR Congo, and the Czech Republic. The people Commutatus met through this partnership shared the same interests and values, which unlocked a new level of collaboration and cohesion.

These audits were a significant way to gain trust and new clients in a given market without spending too much on advertising. Following the presentation of the audits, 9 of the NGOs also requested low-bono services to improve their analytics by setting up custom events on GA4. Commutatus offered to configure custom events on GA4 to enhance their analytics at a 70% TTTR NGO discount. This enabled the NGOs to get a more comprehensive view of their user base and gain deeper insights.

Commutatus prioritized these projects as the best fit for their business strategy to scale their Data services because they were excited to make a meaningful impact on NGOs while achieving their business goals.

Challenging and exciting projects, like AI initiatives, were considered for pro bono work in specific areas of expertise to expand team skills.The projects were conducted during a slower season, which enabled the company to engage people on the bench and invest resources into making an impact and business growth. Commutatus is also open to offer their consultation service to these NGOs as a stand in CTO and can do it for free in some cases.


The collaboration with TTTR had far-reaching effects. The company acquired new clients at a lower cost than traditional advertising and gained the ability to showcase its expertise and build a reference engine.

Commutatus was able to craft a Productized Service out of this GA4 initiative. By the time they did this for the 9th NGO, they managed to deliver high quality audits within a fraction of the time it took them initially. We were able to offer a customized solution with a compelling value proposition, packaged at a set price and scope without the typical song and dance of a custom proposal process.

Commutatus envisions a long-term partnership with TTTR. They aim to bridge the gap in NGO awareness regarding the possibilities of tech solutions. They want to create a clear path for NGOs to understand and utilize services like GA4 audits as a growth driver. They see TTTR as a valuable partner in exploring new markets. Commutatus’s NPS of 8 reflects their enthusiasm for the collaboration and suggests that other companies would find considerable value in working with TTTR.

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