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We are match-makers for impact tech projects

Do you work in a software agency, and you want to engage in impactful projects? Let us connect your team with trusted nonprofits, that work to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

By joining Tech To The Rescue, your company pledges to work with the nonprofit organization on a pro-bono basis. You have free access to a database of carefully selected, high-impact digital projects submitted by verified nonprofits ready to start collaborating.  Let us help you find an impact project for your team!

Why engage in impact tech projects?
Tech to the Rescue - expand markets
Expansion into international markets
Partnering with a global NGO opens doors to new international markets. NGOs often have extensive networks and international contacts, allowing the technology company to expand its influence and reach on a global scale.
Tech to the Rescue - reputation
Enhance your reputation and Social Responsibility
Social initiatives bring positive media exposure and improve the company's image as a socially responsible. This can attract customers, investors, and talented employees who want to be associated with companies striving to make a positive impact.
Tech to the Rescue - build expertise
Access to social expertise and resources
NGOs often possess specialized knowledge and experience in social areas that can be valuable for your business. Collaboration allows to access this expertise, helping to develop more effective technological solutions tailored to societal needs.
AI for Changemakers Accelerator Program by Tech To The Rescue


Build AI for impact

Join the AI for Changemakers program and work directly with ambitious nonprofits to build innovative, responsible, and practical AI solutions for real-world challenges. Registration is now open for tech companies and nonprofits!

Discover our unique matching process
how it works - sign up
Sign up
Create your account by clicking Join us. Give us the details about the causes you are interested in, geographical areas you want to focus on, and your tech area of expertise.
Complete registration form
Fill out the registration form you receive via email. This is a necessary step in the process. Only after completing the registration form will you be able to get matched with a nonprofit organisation.
how it work - get matched
Get matched
Once you’re interested in a project, we’ll organize and facilitate the meeting with the non-profit organization, where you’ll have a chance to find out more, ask questions, and decide if this is a project for you.
how it work - start collaboration
Start the collaboration!
If it’s a match and you’re aligned and ready to commit, we’ll provide you with guidelines and contract templates so you can formalize your collaboration with the nonprofit organisation.
how it work - impact
Spread the word!
Let's tell the story of your impactful project and inspire more tech leaders to engage in impact tech projects for nonprofits!

Ready for impact?

Let’s find an impact project for you.

Sustainable Development Goals

We act in every impact area

We are committed to implementing the global UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Each project and case study is tagged with the relevant SDG, making it easy for you to select areas of action aligned with your company’s policies. This allows you to track and engage with specific SDGs that resonate with your organization’s values and priorities while supporting global initiatives for sustainable development.

No poverty

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Dive into our Annual Report to watch our story.

Let's create change together.

Join us to build a movement 

At Tech To The Rescue, we’ve perfected our talent enable meaningful collaborations between tech companies and nonprofits. It’s a commitment rooted in our shared belief in the potential of technology to drive positive change. Day by day, we devote ourselves to shaping tech projects and building connections that truly matter, guided by a key ingredient: empathy.

The ultimate goal is to create a global movement, where working pro-bono for impact organizations is a standard in the tech industry. Let’s plant a brighter future, one pro-bono impact project at a time.

Support us!

Let’s create the movement together.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to join Tech To The Rescue. What do I have to do?

Great news! To get started, head over to the “Join us” page and fill out our sign-up form. This is your chance to share details about your organization, whether it’s a software agency or a nonprofit, and let us know what services you’re interested in providing or needing. Once you’ve submitted the form, why not schedule a friendly onboarding call with our Matching Managers? It’s a great opportunity for us to get to know you better and understand exactly how we can support you.

Am I obliged to engage in an impactful project right away?

Once you’re part of Tech To The Rescue, you’ll gain access to a carefully curated list of impactful projects sourced from verified nonprofits. There’s no pressure to dive into a project immediately upon joining, but we’re here to gently nudge and spark your interest with relevant projects that align with your skills about once a month – no spamming, promise! When you feel ready and have the bandwidth, you can go ahead and apply for a project. We’ll start by ensuring there’s a good match in terms of expertise, and then we’ll facilitate a meeting to connect you with the nonprofit team. If both sides are keen, you can jump right into kicking off the project.

I'm a freelancer, can I join and deliver an impactful project?

Thank you for your willingness to get engaged! Our core activity is matching tech companies with nonprofits. We are currently not able to coordinate the work of individual contributors and freelancers.

What do you mean by “matching” tech companies and nonprofits??

We act as a matchmaking platform. Our core activity is helping nonprofit organizations increase their impact through technology. We gather their needs in the form of projects and look for a tech partner who can deliver the solution. During matching, we consider the type of the project, its duration, the number of hours needed, and other factors.

We want to ensure that the project matches your company’s values and mission during the matching process. For the cooperation to be a success, both partners’ needs, solutions, and objectives need to be a match.

We work only with verified and selected nonprofits with a proven record and an idea that will help scale their work in the long term. We also provide all the necessary support regarding contract templates and best practices in cooperation.

I’ve signed up but didn’t get any email. What should I do?

Please check your spam folder. If you still don’t see an email from us, please contact us at [email protected].