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How does it work?

We connect nonprofits with tech companies willing to develop solutions for them on a pro-bono or low-bono basis. Our matching services are free of charge for both tech companies and nonprofit organizations.

Here are the types of organizations we support in this campaign:

  • Local crisis response organizations
    Our needs-based approach prioritizes local aid responders working directly in the Gaza humanitarian crisis and other organizations responding on the ground. We are committed to the Do-No-Harm principle and closely monitor the situation to help where needed.
  • Organizations working on preparedness
    We recognize that the humanitarian crisis is escalating rapidly and that technology could help in emergency preparedness for the probable further consequences of these escalations in the West Bank and neighboring countries.

Important note: At Tech To The Rescue, we are committed to the humanitarian principles of Humanity, Neutrality, Impartiality, and Independence.

Here's what you can expect from working with Tech To The Rescue
Needs-based support for nonprofits from the region
We engage our tech partners to respond to new technological needs submitted by organizations involved in local aid response in Gaza or preparedness in the region (West Bank, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan).
Proven technological solutions for crisis response
We created a "Tech for Crisis Response Catalog", where organizations can discover solutions developed by our technology partners for local aid nonprofits from Ukraine, Türkiye and Syria.
Collaboration within a safe network
Our network of local partners include well-established and reputable umbrella organisations from the region, that can help inspire local nonprofits to deploy tested solutions to speed up their impact.
Free resource

Request our Tech for Crisis Response Catalog

Discover proven solutions developed by technology companies from our community, who supported nonprofits engaged in Crisis Response in Ukraine and the aftermath of the Earthquake in Syria and Türkiye. All solutions are accessible on a pro-bono / low-bono basis for Tech To The Rescue registered nonprofits.

  • Direct response tools
  • Coordination of support efforts
  • Digital back-office
  • Fundraising tools
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