Foreword from our Founders

2022 was a breakthrough in many ways. We observed unprecedented tech industry engagement with Ukraine and many people dedicating their private time to refugee relief.

We realized that only joint efforts across divisions could lead to tangible results. And if we want to change the world, we need not only a great idea, determination and purpose but, most importantly, people who believe in us and are willing to support us on our journey.


We present this report as a comprehensive summary of Tech To The Rescue’s external impact and internal growth. We hope it inspires you to share with your network the extraordinary work being done for a good cause. If you have ideas on making an even more significant impact – reach out to us.

Jacek Siadkowski
Daniel Di Giusto

What will you find in our Impact Report?

Global Impact Summary

We open our report with an executive summary of our impact and growth. See in details how our community of tech changemakers and nonprofits grew and how our impact became truly global.

Our donors, partners and fundraising

Information on who the changemakers fuelling our activities are. In the report, we present our Founding Partners, Grant Donors, and individual supporters.

Campaigns and projects examples

In 2022 we run 4 different campaigns. We account for impact and activities of our Problem Area Campaigns, as well as massive crisis response under the wings of #TechForUkraine.

Sneak peek into the future

We do not plan on slowing down. We are closing our report with a quick summary of our plans for 2023 together with an honest comment on challenges ahead us too.

Want to see the details?
Founding Partners & Key Donors

Our Impact in 2022 wouldn’t be possible without the support of the following Partners

And organizational support from

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