How it works? 

Having people “in-between projects” means that you have tech team members who are not working on specific commercial projects at a given moment in time. Essentially, they are waiting for their next assignment, much like a sports team waiting on the bench for their coach to put them into the game. If you have people awaiting new challenges, you have available resources that can be utilized for pro-bono projects, such as supporting a nonprofit organization with their tech needs. This can be an excellent opportunity for both your tech team members and the organization to collaborate and make a positive impact on the world. 


What is the typical time commitment for this model? 

Up to 3 weeks

Benefits for your company:

  • Engaging the people who are “in-between projects” with a nonprofit means that you are allocating resources in a productive and impactful way while building a reputation as a socially engaged and responsible company; 
  • Employees can feel motivated by having the opportunity to make an impact on the world, which can help improve employee retention, engagement, and morale in the company. 
  • Employees have the opportunity to update or even upgrade their skills as they will engage with projects that they are not usually familiar with. This can boost their professional and personal growth, improving overall job satisfaction.

Tech To The Rescue recommended process to work with this model:

Step 1

Assess the skills and availability of your team members who are in between projects, and find out what type of projects they want to engage in;

Step 2

Establish how long this team will be available to develop the project and determine the time allocated for the engagement;

Step 3

Decide who will be the project manager of the collaboration. This person will be the point of contact when you are introduced to the nonprofit organization and the decision-maker when selecting a project; 

Step 4

Based on your assessment, select the project that suits your team on our Available Projects page or contact one of our Matching Managers to help you find the best fit.

Risk management:

A potential risk when working with people who are in-between projects is that a new commercial project can come in unexpectedly, causing delays or conflicts. To mitigate the risk, break down the project into small deliverables and commit to them in shorter  time periods. Make sure the nonprofit is informed and has agreed upon your terms, and ensure that your team can produce the deliverables in the event of another project coming in.

Working with Tech To The Rescue was an obvious choice for us given our mission to craft tech as a force for good. It has given us more ways to walk the talk and put our skills to the service of good causes. As a consulting firm, it gives our team a chance to work with impactful organizations in between projects. Our teams love it. It’s a win-win given it also gives NGOs the chance to access hard to find tech talent. TTTR does an amazing job at organizing it all and matching our teams with causes worth fighting for. Keep up the great work!

Leo Cerda - Chief Product Officer, PALO IT

Leo Cerda - Chief Product Officer, PALO IT

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