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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for support from Tech To The Rescue?

We invite all registered nonprofit organizations of any size, any area of operations, and any country of origin.

We accept projects from registered:

  • charities
  • non-governmental organizations
  • non-profit governmental organizations such as embassies, ministries, and governmental agendas

What do we need to do to get help?

The key factor to get free tech help is to have a specific project or idea you would like to implement in your organization. It doesn’t mean you need to determine the tech solution itself, but the more details of the project you submit, the better. What is crucial is to know the goal of the project, its estimated impact, and tech requirements (if relevant).

When you define your idea, our process is easy and straightforward. You need to fill in two forms:

1. First, register to our database with this form on our website.
2. After registration, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to a project submission form which you should also fill in.
3. Meanwhile, we verify the status of your organization. Once you’re verified and have submitted the project form, you are officially registered and can wait for your match. Don’t worry – we will not forget about you! Your help is and will be needed. Once you’re matched, we will contact you with the matching team to discuss the project in more detail.

What does the process look like?

We are a matchmaking platform. Our core activity is helping non-profit organizations increase their impact through technology. We gather their needs in the form of projects, and look for a tech partner who could deliver the desired solution. What we consider during matching is the type of the project, its duration, number of hours needed, and other factors.

During the matching process, we want to make sure that the project is well-aligned with your organization’s values and mission. For the cooperation to harmonize, the needs, solutions, and objectives of both partners should match each other individually.

1. Register using the form on our website. ‍

2. You will get the confirmation email with the link to the project form. You should fill it out in English to take advantage of the full potential of our network of IT companies. The project form contains questions pertaining to:

– information about your organization

– details of the suggested projects

– your requirements towards the preferred technology

– how the project fits your general strategy

– how you plan to maintain it in the future

– estimated impact of the project

– what resources (when it comes to team and technology) you already have in place

3. Meanwhile, we verify your organization as a registered non-profit. The verification process takes up to 5 working days. If we have any questions, we will reach out to you directly. Please do remember that we can support only registered non-profits and that we don’t work with individuals. We will contact you via the email you submit during registration, so please check your mailbox. ‍

4. Once you submit the project form, our tech team will review it. If there are any details missing or issues which need clarification, we will contact you. ‍

5. Once your project is reviewed and your organization verified, we will start looking for potential tech partners. ‍

6. When we find a company interested in the project, we will arrange a meeting between both sides to confirm the details and will of cooperation. ‍

7. If you are not satisfied with the chosen partner, we will continue looking for a new one.

8. If you are happy with the match, we will provide you with an agreement template which we recommend you sign with your matched IT company. You can also use your own agreement template.

9. Congratulations! You can start working on the project!

10. After your cooperation starts, we will stay in touch to check your satisfaction level and monitor the results. You should also expect an email from our Communications Team.

Are there any costs involved?

The majority of our projects are created on a pro bono basis. In case of a very complex and lengthy project, it might happen that the company offers to create a basic product (MVP) on a pro bono basis and then further develop needed features at a discounted hourly rate (low bono basis). It is important to clarify the budget matter in the initial stage of the process. This is also why we ask this question in the project form.

What does verification mean?

When verifying your organization we are checking if you have an officially registered non-profit legal entity in your country of origin. This includes e.g. non-governmental organizations, charitable organizations, educational institutions, public health institutions, civic leagues and other types of non-profits. We are also making sure that your organization follows our community guidelines.

Community Guidelines:

To be eligible for Tech To The Rescue support the organization must operate on a not-for-profit basis and have a mission to benefit the broader community. Additionally, the organization may not:

  1. discriminate on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, political affiliation or beliefs, age, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression;
  2. exist to solely propagate a belief in a specific faith or limit provision of their services only to people of a specific faith.

Do we need to use English in our project submission and further communication with the company?

Yes. You need to fill in the project submission form in English and have English-speaking people on board who will be able to communicate with your tech partner.

Do we need to fill in the form during one session or can I pause and return to it?

You can pause the process by exporting the link to your form and opening the link whenever you have time to finish submission.

We don't know what technology I need. Can you help me with this?

We support organizations that already know which technological solutions can scale up their activities or help with their daily work. If you don’t know it yet, we suggest checking 5 tips for your project submission and coming back with a scoped project.

We can also arrange a scoping call to help you define your needs. If you need such a call, write an email to [email protected].

We would like to speak to someone before submitting the project. How can I do that?

You can always reach out to us via email: [email protected] and we will arrange a call.

How long does it take to match me with a tech company?

It depends on the urgency and complexity of the project, but the average time to match is between 2 to 10 weeks.

Should we sign the contract with a tech company?

We always recommend that our partners sign the agreement. It gives you a clear outline of what you can expect (and require) from your partner, as well as the timeline and property rights to the project. It is not our requirement whatsoever.

How often will we communicate with the company working on our solution?

This depends on your arrangements with a company. We suggest to have a dedicated team or a project manager who will take care of effective collaboration with you tech partner.

Who has the copyright to the solution?

It is up to you and your tech partner to decide. We suggest that you deliver the solution as open source, but it is not obligatory.

If you have developed a solution for Ukraine refugees please contact NGO Forum, PAH, Nasz Wybór Foundation, or Ukraine Foundation.

If you offer a product, fill in the form and mark it so we can keep an eye on it when an NPO needs a solution like yours.

Can we suggest changes to the project after the match?

The final scope of the project depends on your conversation with the tech partner. We do not participate in project development after the match. Any changes or alterations should be agreed with your tech partner throughout the process.

Will we be matched with a company that already has a solution, or would the company be doing custom build for us?

95% of companies in our network are software houses that specialize in building custom solutions. Thus, most of the projects we engage in require building new products for dedicated organizations. If there is a ready-made solution available which fits all the needs of your NPO, it might be possible to use it, but even then you can get assistance in implementing and optimizing it.

If we are not satisfied with the tech partner that is proposed, can we opt not to move forward with the project?

An important part of our vision is that we facilitate cooperation between two EQUAL partners. We know how important it is for both parties to see eye to eye and share values to be able to create impactful projects together. Because of this, if for any reason you or an IT company are not fully sure of the proposed match, we keep on looking until we find a partner that will suit you best.

What happens if we are not satisfied with the solution?

This is an extremely rare situation – the core of our activity is finding a perfect match for every project. Before starting the collaboration, you meet your potential tech partner and discuss all the details. Then, we recommend signing the agreement that would specify the project objectives to avoid any doubts. If you are not satisfied with the delivered solution whatsoever and you can’t find agreement with your partner, we can find you a new match. Satisfaction of both parties is extremely important to us – we want you to get a meaningful tech solution that will make your work easier.

Are we obliged to use the product?

There is no legal requirement to do that, but we hope you will be satisfied with the solution provided and will want to use it. Our process is designed so we can make sure what you need, what your strategy is, and what result you want to achieve. Our goal is to help you get an impactful solution that you can maintain in the long-term.

If we decide that we do not want to use the product, would there be any fees or penalties to pay?

No. We operate on the premise of mutual trust.

What level of long-term engagement or support will be available from the tech company?

It depends on the project and on your tech partner. Not all tech companies can fully engage in the long-term. Our focus is on the product development, so usually we do not search for long-term support providers like website management or social media agencies. When filling in the project form, you should clearly state for how long you need tech support.

Can you help us with the project marketing and promotion?

We promote the best and most innovative projects on our website and social channels. If your project is selected for promotion, our Communications Team will contact you for further details and propose an interview or case study. Unfortunately, we don’t have resources to promote every project.

Can we submit more than one project?

Of course! We encourage that. We not only hope that you will come back with another project, but that you will also tell your friends about this opportunity as we want to make tech resources commonly available to all changemakers.