How it works

Your company has a ready-to-use product or a software license that you can donate to nonprofit organizations, or at least provide relevant discounts. Small customizations are also beneficial for nonprofit organizations. 

What is the typical scale of engagement in this model?

This is a constant commitment

  • Making your solutions available to nonprofits is a great opportunity not only for testing products before launching them onto the market but also ideating new features. 
  • Some see it as a chance for raising the awareness of the product in new markets and getting customers used to them, creating demand for the paid version. 
  • It is a great way of showing your company’s commitment to social impact by supporting nonprofit organizations.

Tech To The Rescue recommended process to work with this model:

Step 1

Decide which product(s) you have to offer. Then, define how you want to give nonprofits access: you can opt for a pro-bono or discount option, life-time or for a limited time? Can you offer training and helpline support?

Step 2

Establish a point of contact within your organization that the nonprofit can reach out to. 

Step 3

It’s a good practice to select a nonprofit organization and organize a demo with a Q&A session.

Step 4

In some cases, it may be necessary to develop customizations for the particular cause

Risk management:

Make sure to establish the framework of the offer “for nonprofits” so that you and the nonprofit organizations have transparency and an understanding of what comes with the license or the product. This way, you will mitigate the risk of the nonprofit’s expectations going beyond your preferred and available engagement limits.

At Tidio, we aim to make a positive impact and help people succeed. This is why we’ve partnered with Tech to Rescue. We get how crucial it is to equip NGOs with the right tools to create a better world, and we want to be the force that moves them forward. It’s about empowering these organizations with the essential resources they need to thrive – offering free access to our products that help them create an efficient support experience for their beneficiaries. As they work tirelessly to improve the world, we strive to be the wind beneath their wings. Nothing motivates us more than knowing we’ve lightened someone’s workload with Tidio – allowing them to focus on what truly matters – making a positive impact.

Tytus Gołas, CEO and Co-Founder of Tidio

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