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About us

What we do

We connect tech companies willing to use their skills for social good with impactful non-profits seeking technological assistance to boost their projects. Our goal is to match you so that together you can build digital solutions to solve the world's most pressing problems.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for tech companies ready to engage a professional team in a product development for a selected non-profit on a pro bono basis. As for now, we don't collaborate with freelancers or individuals. Join us if you act in the name of a company and have a team ready to collaborate!

Why you should join us

We give you access to a database of carefully selected, high-impact digital projects submitted by verified non-profits ready to start collaborating. Doing TechForGood and engaging in meaningful projects has never been easier!

Who are the non-profits we work with

The non-profits in our database come from 75 countries on 5 continents. All are carefully selected and verified by us. Our process makes it easy for you to find a partner whose mission resonates with you and ensures that the solutions you provide make a measurable impact.


Show commitment, boost engagement, develop new skills

Boost your employer brand

Show your commitment to important causes - from climate action and mental health to animal welfare and Ukrainian war response – and share it with the world. Your followers, employees, and candidates will appreciate it!

Upskill your people

Engage your team in a meaningful pro bono project that will help them learn new skills and make connections with people from distant cultures. Most our projects give you a lot of freedom and room for creativity.

Increase employee engagement

Improve your team's satisfaction and boost motivation through opportunities to give back with social impact. All projects are a proof of making a positive change in the world.


Our matching process, explained

1. Sign up

Sign up using the form below. Give us the details about the types of problems you want to solve, geographical areas you’d like to focus on, and your tech area of expertise.

Our awesome features
2. Complete the registration form

Fill out the registration form you receive via email. This is a necessary step in the process. Only after completing the registration form will you be able to get matched with a nonprofit partner.

Our awesome features
3. Get matched!

Once you’re interested in the project, we’ll organize and facilitate the meeting with the non-profit organization, where you’ll have a chance to find out more, ask questions, and decide if this is a project for you.

Our awesome features
4. Start collaboration!

If it’s a match and you’re aligned and ready to commit, we’ll provide you with guidelines and contract templates so you can formalize your collaboration with your non-profit partner.

Our awesome features

Contribute to meaningful projects that

help improve lives

We source and verify high-impact projects from some of the most well-known and highly regarded

non-profits from around the world. You and your team can choose the one that resonates

with you the most and deliver world-changing solutions!

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Hear from our Partners

Join Tech To The Rescue


We’re happy to hear that you want to get involved. The first step to joining Tech To The Rescue is filling out the sign-up form above this section. We'll then send you a confirmation email and a request to finish your registration.

After filling out the form above, we’ll email you to confirm your willingness to join Tech To The Rescue and finish your registration. This step in the process will allow us to learn more details about your company and match you with a partner whose project aligns with your area of expertise and addresses a challenge that matters to your organization. Once you become a Tech To The Rescue community member, you gain access to the catalog of available projects. You can browse the projects and select the ones that interest you. As a next step, we set up an initial meeting between you and your potential nonprofit partner to see if you are comfortable working together. If both parties agree to work together, we will provide you with a legal template agreement and other necessary materials. Then you can start working on a project. Our matching team will be in touch with you throughout the process and support you if you need any help.

We are a matchmaking platform. Our core activity is helping non-profit organizations increase their impact through technology. We gather their needs in the form of projects and look for a tech partner who could deliver the desired solution. During matching, we consider the type of the project, its duration, the number of hours needed, and other factors. We want to ensure that the project matches your company's values and mission during the matching process. For the cooperation to harmonize, both partners' needs, solutions, and objectives should match each other individually. We work only with verified and selected non-profits with a proven record and an idea that will help scale their work in the long term. We also provide all the necessary support regarding contract templates and best practices in cooperation.

As a next step, we will send you an email asking you to finish your registration process. Please check your inbox, and remember the spam folder!

Please check your spam folder! If you still don't see an email from us, please contact us at

We are trying to act as quickly as possible. We care about sourcing impactful projects and only work with verified NGOs to ensure all collaborations create meaningful solutions. We need to perform several steps to provide such a guarantee, so matching you with a nonprofit might take up to several weeks. Sometimes you don't find your perfect match immediately – but don't worry, our team will be in touch with you throughout the process.

Thank you for your willingness to help the cause! Our core activity is matching tech companies with NGOs. We are currently not able to coordinate the work of individual contributors.

Thank you for your offer of support. We are currently sorted in terms of internal marketing capabilities, but the products built under our umbrella need a substantial marketing boost. If you'd like to help, please fill out our form and the registration form we'll email you and specify your area of expertise. Please remember that we can only work with companies, and unfortunately, we cannot offer a partnership with individuals.

As much as we would love to advise you on your project, the truth is that NGOs have the best knowledge about how to provide valuable help to those in need. The best thing you can do if you want to help is join Tech To The Rescue and see what tech needs the nonprofits have.

If you offer software, contact TechSoup and pledge your support so that they can find NGOs that would benefit from your solution.

As Tech To The Rescue, we match tech companies with NGOs to work on dedicated projects – we’re not the owners of the projects ourselves. If you spot a bug or malfunction, please get in touch with the product owners/managers directly via their website.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to help as we streamline our focus on matching IT companies with NGOs. We cannot help find volunteers or other additional resources for ongoing projects.


Ready for your next high-impact tech for good project?

Together we can help shape and improve the world!