Use your skills to change the world

Contribute to meaningful projects that improve
the lives of people worldwide.

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Boost engagement, develop new skills

Boost your employer brand by showing your commitment to important causes - from climate action and mental health to animal welfare and Ukrainian war response

Upskill your people by helping them develop their knowledge on pro bono projects

Increase employee engagement and satisfaction through opportunities to give back with social impact

Make an impact in 4 simple steps

1. Sign up

Fill out the sign up form. Give us the details about the types of problems you want to solve, geographical areas you’d like to focus on, and your tech area of expertise.

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2. Get verified

Fill out the verification form you receive via email. Once you're verified, you get access to the list of available projects that align to your preferences. Read the project briefs and decide which of the projects you’d like to take on.

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3. Get matched!

Once you’re interested in the project, we’ll organize and facilitate the meeting with the non-profit organization, where you’ll have a chance to find out more, ask questions, and decide if this is a project for you.

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4. Start collaboration!

If it’s a match and you’re aligned and ready to commit, we’ll provide you with guidelines and contract templates so you could formalize your collaboration with your non-profit partner.

Our awesome features

Contribute to meaningful projects that

help improve lives

We source and verify high-impact projects from some of the most well-known and highly regarded

non-profits from around the world. You and your team can choose the one that resonates

with you the most and deliver world-changing solutions!

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Hear from our Partners


Great! We’re happy to hear that you want to get involved. The first step is joining Tech To The Rescue community by filling out this form. It will allow us to add you to our database, learn what kind of problems you would like to solve and what kind of services you can donate. Only then will we be able to start matching you with the right non-profit project.

After filling out the form, we’ll ask you some more questions to better understand your profile. You will also get access to our exclusive tech community on Slack. Then we’ll start looking for your perfect match. This may take some time – from a couple of days to a few weeks. All to make sure we find the best match for your team. Also, it happens that we have fewer available projects than active companies, which means you might have to wait for your match a little longer. Don’t worry – we will not forget about you! Your help is and will be needed. Once you’re matched, we will contact you with the non-profit team to discuss the project in more detail.

We are a matchmaking platform. Our core activity is helping non-profit organizations increase their impact through technology. We gather their needs in the form of projects, and look for a tech partner who could deliver the desired solution. What we consider during matching is the type of the project, its duration, number of hours needed, and other factors. During the matching process, we want to make sure that the project is well-aligned with your company's values and mission. For the cooperation to harmonize, the needs, solutions, and objectives of both partners should match each other individually. We work only with verified and selected non-profits with a proven record and an idea that will help scale their work in the long term. We also provide all the necessary support in terms of contract templates and best practices in cooperation.

As a next step, we will send you an email with a verification link. We will ask you some additional questions that will help us better understand your needs and capabilities. We will then add you to our database and start searching for an NGO partner.

You can fill out the verification form here which should take you no more than 15 minutes. Should you encounter any other problem, contact us at

We are trying to act as quickly as possible. We care about sourcing impactful projects and we only work with verified NGOs to make sure all collaborations end up creating great solutions. There are several steps we need to perform to provide such a guarantee hence this process can take from a few days to a few weeks. Once you pledge your support, we will invite you to join our exclusive tech community on Slack. There you will be able to browse available projects and discuss them with other community members. You can also provide some expert advice on ongoing projects. We will be in touch with you via email, but if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at to follow up.

Thank you for your submission and willingness to help the cause! Our core activity is matching tech companies with NGOs. We are currently not able to coordinate the work of individual contributors, but we hope to be able to do so in the future.

Thank you for your offer of support. We are currently sorted in terms of internal marketing capabilities, but the products being built under our umbrella definitely need a strong marketing boost. If you want to help, please fill out our form and specify your area of expertise. Please remember that we are only capable of working with companies and unfortunately for now we cannot offer partnership with individuals .

As much as we would love to advise you on your project, the truth is that NGOs have the best knowledge about how to provide valuable help to those in need. The best thing you can do if you want to help is pledging your support and joining Tech To The Rescue community.

If you offer software it would be best if you could contact TechSoup and pledge your support, so that they can find NGOs that would benefit from your solution. If you have developed a solution for Ukraine refugees please contact NGO Forum, PAH, Nasz Wybór Foundation, or Ukraine Foundation. If you offer a product, fill in the form and mark it so we can keep an eye on it when an NGO needs a solution like yours.

As Tech To The Rescue we match tech companies with NGOs to work on dedicated projects – we’re not the owners of the projects ourselves. If you spot a bug or malfunction, please contact the product owners/managers directly via their website.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to help as we streamline our focus on matching IT companies with NGOs. We currently cannot help find volunteers or other additional resources for ongoing projects.


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