Vazco is a leading software development company based in Poland, and has supported multiple nonprofit organizations from the Tech To The Rescue community over the last years. This time, we sat down with Iwona Janaszek, Junior Project Manager at Vazco, to find out more about their recent impact tech project and their motivation to get engaged in tech for good. 


How would you describe your company’s motivation to engage in impactful tech projects? 

At Vazco, we revolutionize education. We use our proven experience in Education Technology (EdTech) to make learning more personalized, engaging, and accessible to all communities. 

Having worked with Tech to The Rescue several times, we know that our non-profit projects bring value and impact. These have been incredible experiences when our Crew had the opportunity to grow and learn while helping others. They approached each project with passion, motivation, and commitment. Such initiatives are a great possibility for making a difference.

Tell us more about most recent impact tech project with Torus.

The most recent project was Torus (Torus Transforms) from Portland, USA. Torus assists refugees in learning English and navigating the US integration system by facilitating transformative experiences of language and culture exchange.  It wouldn’t have been possible without Ramin Tokhi (CEO / Executive Director), who is incredibly committed to making Torus’ mission a reality.

We selected the project because of its compatibility with our EdTech specialization and expertise in building React Native mobile apps. Our experience in managing augmented, multicultural teams that work across multiple time zones has also been a factor. 

What you need to know about this project is that we not only helped develop the product but also took accountability & ownership of managing the team. It consisted of our development team and volunteers from Torus’ side, who demonstrated incredible alignment and commitment. 

In what way has this project made a difference for your tech team? 

I observed that our team has been highly motivated by the Torus’ goal to help refugees. They also gained a platform to perfect their experience in React Native technology. This motivation, combined with technical and business excellence, was appreciated by Ramin throughout our cooperation. In his own words,

At the same time, Ramin saw great potential in continuing our collaboration after completing the non-profit part of the project. Right now, we are developing the app commercially, and can’t wait to see it fulfill its purpose. 

How did you find out about Tech To The Rescue?

We’ve learned about Tech To The Rescue from the ITCORNER community. Our CEO talked to the founder about promoting TTTR within this organization. We gladly jumped on board, as both organizations are networks of deserved trust. Ever since, we’ve contributed to numerous Tech to The Rescue projects.

What is your message for other software companies interested in joining the #TechforGood movement? 

Don’t hesitate to join the #TechforGood movement! With Tech To The Rescue, you can use technology as a force for good. Your skill and experience can be used to achieve something deeply important for communities across the globe. These circumstances create an inspirational and motivating atmosphere for all people involved. It’s a great opportunity to develop your team’s skills and experience in interesting projects.

Go to to find out more about their project portfolio and if you want to support the nonprofit.


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