Silevis worked with ProVeg to create a user-friendly calculator which would automatically show the impact of swapping out meat-based meals for plant-based ones. The team at ProVeg worked hard to adapt existing data formats to suit the requirements of the calculator — a really valuable exercise as allowing them to focus on what was really important. The data isn’t hard-coded and the calculator was designed in a way that enables the update of data in the future, so that future developments and other factors can be taken into account in the calculation.


The calculator’s uses will be wide ranging; The team at ProVeg is looking to develop different versions of it to be used for different purposes. It will definitely be featured on the upcoming corporate engagement website and will be shared with partners. It will also be used as an add-on for different campaigns that they’re working on with prospective partners and in order to drive engagement. ProVeg feels that it will be instrumental in helping to improve their reach and to prove the impact of its initiatives and interventions.

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Development support
Somalia Foundation – multi-language website
The Foundation supports migrants coming to Poland. Among them, a large group of people speak Russian, hence it was vital to provide them with materials in their language.
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