Given the potentially extensive scope of the project, the key to success lies in facilitating iterative work and devising a long-term website architecture plan. Previous attempts by other companies to support TTTR had often stalled at the design stage without actual implementation. Taking this into consideration, the Objectivity team took significant ownership. Initially, it concentrated on the conceptual process to discover solutions and tools that would effectively address the organization’s current and future challenges. With the goals of boosting website traffic and increasing the number of matched projects, they suggested working with WordPress. The whole team worked to deliver a working solution and prepare it so that other tech teams or internal team members could further develop it.


The partnership with Tech To The Rescue is a prime illustration of Objectivity’s commitment to the company’s Win-Win value, where sustainable long-term relationships with all stakeholders are cultivated. Within this framework, the company operated with a high level of ownership and a strong product focus, all while optimizing its available resources.

Objectivity has created a new website design that empowers Tech To The Rescue, allowing them to expand their reach and better fulfill their mission of connecting tech leaders with nonprofits to develop Tech For Good solutions that advance UN Global Goals.

This project offered an excellent platform for Objectivity to showcase their expertise and actively involve team members in acquiring new skills that often go untapped in their daily business projects. They created solutions to boost collaboration in the project’s early brainstorming phase, especially in a hybrid work setup.

As a result of collaboration, multiple project team members on the Objectivity side practiced new skills in the areas of business analysis, UX design, and website development. What’s more, the company has gained a new project with a social impact component for its portfolio. Two case studies were developed as valuable tools for PR and business growth.

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