Project 1 – Automated Information Extraction This project was to automate data extraction from delivery supply notes – a tedious, manual process that was fraught with difficulty. With the new system, the correct data was easily extracted and consolidated into reports. Project 2 – A new CRM system This project served to replace Excel spreadsheets that stored all the information about beneficiaries and the food they obtained. Previously, all this data had been collected manually with no way of cross-referencing data between the different food bank outlets. The CRM is designed for social stores, which is the flagship venture for Tricity Food Bank.


The project to automatically extract information from supplier’s delivery notes has already proven to be highly effective, reducing the time spent on manual data entry, calculations and report generation. The monthly summary, which used to take the food bank’s documentation specialist several days, can now be done in three hours! The common customer service system that Objectivity prepared will allow better management of aid and effective verification of customers, but it will also provide opportunities for scaling the network of stores. The CRM project is still in progress, but the team already estimates that it will have a similar positive impact by reducing manual tasks, consolidating data, and ensuring that the food bank’s various outlets can share information easily and effectively.
Tricity Food Bank is also boasting about these solutions at the Federation of Polish Food Banks and they hope that in the future, after decent testing, they will be able to serve other banks as well – and there are 31 of them in Poland.

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