Stratoflow is a software development company building high-performance software and a certified Salesforce partner. Their mission is to help organizations improve their performance as well as manage the complexity of their data management. One of the branches of Stratoflow’s activity is the implementation and optimization of the Salesforce platform. The company was matched with Anima International, and provided a solution that turned out to be a perfect fit. Not only was the charity able to create a lasting data solution to manage its income and outgoings, but it was also able to develop its own crowdfunding campaigns and develop a WordPress website to scale up its influence.


The partnership with Stratoflow has meant that Anima International was able to visibly improve its data management, audit, and infrastructure. All of these elements, in turn, had a highly positive impact on the organization’s development. The internal team believes that it has been able to scale its impact much quicker as a result. The more efficient processes have enabled the charity to save money and reduce the administrative burden on volunteers, freeing them up to focus on higher-value tasks. All of this meant a quicker pace of change for suffering animals.

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