The Challenge

We matched the Brave Kids Festival organizers with 2N IT, a Poland-based software agency for a pro-bono impact project. Read our discussion with the agency CEO to learn why they decided to engage in this project and what they learned on the way.

“At 2N IT, we know the crucial role played by effective information flow and communication. The prospect of co-creating an application that allowed us to communicate information about cultural events for children worldwide fits perfectly with our commitment to making a positive social impact. The main goal of this collaboration was to create a user-friendly content management system (CMS) that would inform users about previous and upcoming festival editions, Song of the Goat Theatre events, partnerships, and sponsorships.”

Adam Piotrowski, CEO of 2N software agency.


Our team developed a robust CMS in Ruby. The CMS has been tailored to meet the specific information needs of the festival organizers, such as managing articles, projects, films, events, artist groups, media, contacts, partners and sponsors, content categories, language translation capability, etc. The web application became the central repository for Brave Kids Festival-related content.

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