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ProVeg — A calculator to show the impact of plant-based innovation

Fabio Venturini, Head of Digital, ProVeg

I was really impressed with the speed of Tech to the Rescue’s response. Within the space of literally a few days, we were matched with Silevis and shortly after had our first introductory call with them. You could tell from the outset that Silevis had a real interest in our mission and vision. They were also very professional and I always felt that we were being treated exactly the same as their fully-paying clients. We had our own dedicated project manager, developer, and designer. There were regular meetings in which they set goals to which they wanted to commit. They always achieved these! The service was really top quailty.

Fabio Venturini, Head of Digital, ProVeg

ProVeg International is a food awareness organization with the mission to reduce the global consumption of animals by 50% by 2040. It supports and connects startups with global partners in advancing plant-based and cultured-food innovation. The organization had extensive data which it was using to calculate impact, but it wasn’t presented in a user-friendly format. This meant that many of the teams internally couldn’t quickly access it. Similarly, it was much more difficult to put it to use in external campaigns, share it with partners, and ultimately use it to drive engagement and awareness campaigns.


Silevis worked with ProVeg to create a user-friendly calculator which would automatically show the impact of swapping out meat-based meals for plant-based ones. The team at ProVeg worked hard to adapt existing data formats to suit the requirements of the calculator — a really valuable exercise as allowing them to focus on what was really important. The data isn’t hard-coded and the calculator was designed in a way that enables the update of data in the future, so that future developments and other factors can be taken into account in the calculation.


The calculator’s uses will be wide ranging; The team at ProVeg is looking to develop different versions of it to be used for different purposes. It will definitely be featured on the upcoming corporate engagement website and will be shared with partners. It will also be used as an add-on for different campaigns that they’re working on with prospective partners and in order to drive engagement. ProVeg feels that it will be instrumental in helping to improve their reach and to prove the impact of its initiatives and interventions.

Michael Matejko, Founder & CEO, Silevis Software

ProVeg came to us with a need to create a user-friendly calculator which’d show the impact of replacing meat-based meals with plant-based ones. We jumped at the idea as food awareness is close to our hearts, too and soon the action plan was ready. The project got assigned to a team of dedicated professionals, which guaranteed successful cooperation. I’m proud of the product we have created together and, as far as we know, they’re planning to develop different versions of it to be used for different purposes. We wish them success in influencing human lives.

Michael Matejko, Founder & CEO, Silevis Software
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