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Fuel your project success with extra tips

1. Define Your Idea

– Craft a clear project scope and fill in essential question fields.
– Showcase your story and emphasize the impact of your solution.
– Important: A well-defined project increases your chances of selection!

2. Use ChatGPT for Technological Insights

– Describe your organization, goals, and challenges to ChatGPT.
– Prompt with questions like:
– “Refine our nonprofit’s objectives with a technological solution.”
– “Identify challenges technology can address for nonprofits.”
– “Suggest features for donor management, volunteer coordination, and impact measurement.”
– Leverage ChatGPT’s suggestions for suitable software solutions.

3. Organize a Team Brainstorming Session

– Engage all departments in a no-limits brainstorming session.
– Identify pain points, communication gaps, and inefficiencies.
– Analyze current workflows for optimization opportunities.
– Prioritize potential software solutions based on essential features.
– Create visual representations such as mind maps or mood boards.

4. Bonus Tip

– Assess whether the chosen software can scale as the organization grows

5. Excite Your Team for Collaboration

– Embrace the adventure of working with a technological partner.
– Access new project and communication tools for enhanced collaboration.
– Treat the collaboration professionally and personally—it’s a valuable partnership.
– Build a strong relationship for potential future opportunities.

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