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What’s Tech for Good Badge?

The Tech for Good Badge is our recognition of top-tier tech members who, in 2023, went above and beyond, delivering low-bono or pro-bono projects through Tech To The Rescue.

Out of 1,500 companies in our community, these exceptional teams not only contributed their time and resources but also earned accolades from grateful nonprofit partners.

The Tech for Good Badge 2023 extends this legacy, celebrating those who persistently drive positive change through technology.

What does the Tech for Good Badge give you?
Tech to the Rescue - expand markets
Connect with like-minded tech leaders and industry influencers
Tech to the Rescue - reputation
Showcase your company's commitment to social responsibility
Tech to the Rescue - build expertise
Receive recognition through our extensive network and social media channels
Embark on Your Tech for Good Journey
Tech partner
Select a nonprofit project that your team resonates with.
Deliver the digital project with your tech expertise.
how it work - start collaboration
Receive positive reviews from the nonprofit partner
Agreement- Tech and NGO
Earn your Tech For Good Badge and join the elite group of impactful tech leaders
Meet our pioneers in the Tech for Good space that received their badges in 2023!
Hear From Those Who Took the Leap
Artur Wala
Strategy & Innovation Director, Divante
Supporting TTTR while leading a tech firm is a no-brainer. In a tech-driven world, where enterprises thrive through digital transformation and AI, let's not overlook NGOs. Despite smaller budgets, they address urgent societal issues. The tech community can be a valuable resource, aiding them for a more significant impact.
Maciej Sawa
CEO, OnAudience
I believe tech could have a real impact on improving people’s lives. The “Tech for Good” badge proves that our proprietary technology can be used to find good, impactful solutions for communities across the world that really need immediate help.
Paweł Sołyga
Founder & Ceo, Tooploox
Since the beginning, Tooploox's mission has been to improve people's lives through technology - and create meaningful projects that have a tangible impact on reality. Us being part of the Tech to the Rescue movement and earning the "Tech for Good" badge is strong proof that technology can help change the world, and we are part of this change.
Ready to make a real difference?

Your journey to being recognized, making a real impact, and contributing to the Tech for Good movement starts now. Elevate Your Tech Game!