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Get free help with: new website, online payments, data security, mobile app or CRM.

If you are a non-profit supporting Ukraine and you need technology to amplify your impact, submit your project to #TechForUkraine and get free help from top IT companies. 

Non-profit organizations are at the heart of ongoing humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. They have already accomplished a tremendous amount. Yet many of them need more resources to work even faster and on a larger scale. 

One of the keys to effective aid today is technology. As Tech To The Rescue, we match non-profits with tech companies to provide pro bono digital support. We aim to facilitate the development of digital solutions that will not only help in the current crisis, but will also be useful in the future.

300 companies, 700 freelancers and 36 non-profits already joined our #TechForUkraine campaign. 

In the last few days, we matched several big projects:

✅ A medical supplies ordering platform

✅ A fundraising platform to support refugees' pets

✅ CRMs for major NGOs

✅ NFT Fundraising Campaign

We also provided cybersecurity support to several non-profits. 

Right now, several teams from 20 companies are working to launch new projects – and yours can be among them soon. 

To get free help, submit your project through this form.

We can help you in such areas as:

✅ designing a new website to make it more user-friendly

✅ implementing online payments to make donations more effective

✅ improving data security to prevent any leak of data

✅ designing a mobile app to coordinate volunteers

✅ implementing a CRM system to manage donations and resources

✅ any other project you might need! 

What do you need to do?

Just submit your project through short form and TTTR will take care of the rest! We have already matched 60+ successful projects for NGOs around the world. You can read more about them here.

All help is free of charge. We, as Tech To The Rescue, match you with a suitable tech company and you work together on the project. Building some of them is just a matter of days. Submit your project now and scale up your impact! 

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