Today we are proud to announce the release of our original playbook The Tech for Good Navigator! Based on our experience working with more than a thousand tech companies on impact tech projects, we have compiled a list of “10 models of engagement” in tech for good projects, that we see are most frequently adopted by the tech companies in our community.

“We know that Tech for Good is not a one-fits-all strategy. Every tech company that joins and and becomes a member of Tech To The Rescue community is driven by a unique set of motivators and drivers, and every time we find ways to recommend impact projects that work for them. Whether it’s for training juniors on the team, improving the team cohesion, experimenting with new tech, impact tech projects always bring more value in than meets the eye. More than that, we know now that having impact tech projects in their portfolio is a real advantage for any tech company that wants to attract new talent, gain new clients or even penetrate new markets. Technology is evolving, and impact projects are a fantastic way to learn & deploy new tech – a project with benefits for the team and for society at large! I am very excited to share from our experience in the Tech for Good Navigator.” Ana Camerano, Head of the Matching Team and Tech To The Rescue. 

Each model of engagement is meticulously described and reinforced with a testimonial from a tech company that has experienced and chosen that model to incorporate impact tech projects in their company.

Here is a sneak peek into the 10 models of engagement you can find in the Tech for Good Navigator:

  1. Upskill your team in new tech
  2. Nurture your talent
  3. Invest your “in-between” projects time
  4. Compete in a social impact Hackathon
  5. Include pro-bono work in your CSR program
  6. Use your R&D for good
  7. Build a special projects team
  8. Navigate nonprofits with Mentoring
  9. Give pro-bono access to your product
  10. Create your own tailor-made model


The Tech for Good Navigator is an invaluable resource for any technology, CSR/ ESG leader looking for practical ways to incorporate impact tech projects in their portfolio. It is based on our experience at Tech To The Rescue, working with more than 1500 tech companies from more than 6o countries over the last 4 years, so it provides real examples coming from our tech partners, on how Tech for Good has proven to be a real gamechanger for their organizations.” Jacek Siadkowski, CEO at Tech To The Rescue Foundation. 


Discover the full Tech for Good Navigator!

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