We meet many inspirational leaders on our mission to engage as many tech companies as possible in the Tech for Good movement. Milan Puvaca, CEO of the Croatian agency Ofir Ltd. is definitely one of them. Our Natalia Gruszczynska, sat down with Milan Puvaca to uncover the motivation behind the company’s engagement in pro-bono projects for nonprofits. 


NG: What does your organization specialize in? Where are you based and what is the size of the company?

MP: Hey there! I’m thrilled to share the exciting journey of Ofir Ltd., our dynamic company based in the vibrant city of Osijek, Croatia. We kicked off in 1993, and boy, have we come a long way since then! Picture this: a team created to meet the needs of our local community has blossomed into a powerhouse, now focusing on the digital dreams of our amazing clients. Our passion? Crafting and implementing personalized IT solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. Web applications? You bet! But we go beyond that – think tailor-made wonders like e-learning applications, Internet production control, and fleet management. Our clients love these bespoke services that elevate their business processes.And that’s not all! We’ve also set up specialized IT support services, diving into the nitty-gritty of implementing new IT systems, providing top-notch consultation, handling concrete installations, and fine-tuning computer and network equipment. Need support for standard office applications? We’ve got your back. Plus, we even throw in quarterly cost analysis consultations for telecommunications – because who doesn’t love a little extra?Our tribe consists of more than 25 passionate young professionals, and let me tell you, they’re not afraid of a challenge. We invest in each team member individually, fostering a culture of growth and innovation. Add our commitment to socially responsible business practices into the mix, and you’ve got the winning formula for a bright future and long-term business stability. Making our mark in Osijek and beyond is what we’re all about – it’s not just a mission, it’s our daily adventure. Exciting times are ahead, and we’d love for you to be a part of it!

NG: How would you describe your company’s priorities for the upcoming year?

MP: In the coming year, our company is geared up for an exhilarating journey, marked by ambitious priorities that promise innovation and growth. First and foremost, our primary focus is on expanding our horizons by venturing into new markets and bringing our unique services to untapped territories. Simultaneously, we are enthusiastic about broadening our client base, reaching out to diverse industries, and establishing lasting partnerships.Our roadmap involves leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance our current offerings, ensuring that our clients receive top-notch solutions tailored to their evolving needs. Alongside this, we’re committed to fostering a culture of creativity and continuous improvement within our team, promoting an environment where new ideas flourish and challenges are met with enthusiasm.In our pursuit of excellence, we prioritize staying at the forefront of industry trends, enabling us to provide forward-thinking solutions that give our clients a competitive edge. We’re also dedicated to strengthening our existing relationships, ensuring our current clients experience the full spectrum of our evolving capabilities.As we set sail into the upcoming year, our company’s priorities align with a strategic vision that combines market expansion, technological innovation, and client satisfaction, laying the foundation for a year of unprecedented success and collaboration.

NG: How did you start engaging in Tech for Good projects?

MP: Our foray into Tech for Good projects was a natural evolution, sparked by the seamless collaborations we’d fostered with partner companies in the past. The magic began when we realized the transformative potential of technology to address societal or any other non-profit challenges. Previous partnerships had illuminated the power of collective expertise, making it clear that our skills could be harnessed for meaningful impact. It was an organic progression, driven by a shared vision to leverage technology for positive change. Now, engaging in Tech for Good isn’t just a project; it’s a testament to the incredible outcomes that emerge when collaboration meets a commitment to making the world a better place.

NG: Tell us please about your impact project scouted by the Tech To The Rescue team. How did your team engage?

MP: Any project we are involved with is a challenge – new insights, and experience as well as meeting and „feeling“ a client. This time, I found myself leading a game-changing initiative that not only pushed the limits of tech wizardry but left an indelible mark on NGOs with a mission to change the world. The idea for this project was simple: A CEO Consultations Program that will bring tech providers and NGOs together for a digital revolution! Diving headfirst into projects as diverse as the NGOs themselves—ranging from education in remote areas to environmental conservation—each consultation became a chance to unleash the power of tech, turbocharging these organizations’ visibility and impact.Since consultations were meant to be in a limited time frame, that was an issue sometimes since there was so much to learn about NGOs as well as to guide them in how IT tools can enable them for the next step in their influence. Projects were various – from design adaptions, and over website security checkups to full-scale solutions for donation management.One standout project involved consulting for a digital learning platform for an NGO breaking barriers in remote education in suburban areas. I am sure that customizing a Moodle solution would be a blast here. The NGO’s visibility will raise awareness about them, and attract attention from donors and fellow change-makers. In the end, the result will be an expansion of the NGO’s reach and influence.The CEO Consultations Program can become the spark that ignites a broader tech-for-good movement, inspiring other companies to join the cause. For me, as the CEO of Ofir, it was more than just business—it was about making a real difference. The collaboration with Tech to the Rescue became a viral success story, proving that when tech meets compassion, the possibilities are limitless!

NG: How did the project impact your team and company?

MP: As I was the first involved in Tech to the Rescue projects, witnessing their transformative impact on the NGOs, there was a wish to involve more people from the Ofir in it. Projects influenced our dynamic duo: our dedicated front-end developer and talented designer.We can easily point out four ways these collaborations left an indelible mark on our incredible pair:

  1. Inspiration Galore: The projects served as a wellspring of inspiration for our front-end developer and designer. Immersed in the creation of impactful digital solutions, they found themselves fuelled by a sense of purpose that transcended traditional coding and design.
  2. Passion Ignition: Working on projects with a meaningful impact (helping the environment, reducing poverty, stopping people trafficking) ignited a renewed sense of passion among our team members. The realization that their expertise was contributing to positive change added a new dimension to their work, transforming it from a job into a mission.
  3. Team Cohesion: Collaborating on these impactful projects fostered a sense of unity between teammates. The shared goal of using technology for social good created a powerful bond, enhancing communication and collaboration within this tight-knit team.
  4. Professional Fulfillment: Seeing the tangible results of their efforts reflected in the success stories of NGOs brought unparalleled professional fulfillment to the whole Ofir team. Knowing that our solutions played a role in enhancing visibility and operability for organizations making a difference left a lasting sense of pride.

In essence, these projects became a catalyst for creativity, passion, and unity within our compact yet powerful team, making every keystroke and pixel design a part of something much larger and meaningful. That’s the main reason why we want to continue these great collaborations as long as needed.

NG: Final word for other tech companies considering engaging in Tech for Good?

MP: Embarking on the rewarding journey of pro bono work for NGOs is not just a charitable endeavor; it’s a profound source of satisfaction and purpose. If your company is considering such a venture, my advice is to dive in wholeheartedly. Discover the magic that comes from aligning your skills and resources with causes that resonate with your team. Treat each pro bono project as a collaborative story, where your expertise meets the meaningful missions of NGOs, creating a powerful synergy. Remember, it’s more than just work; it’s a shared journey of making a positive impact, and the satisfaction derived from each project will fuel your team’s commitment to giving back. Embrace the opportunity to make a difference, and you’ll find that the joy of contributing to a greater cause becomes an integral part of your company’s ethos.Milan Puvača is the author of the Digital Business Trends Newsletter on LinkedIn.

To learn more about Ofir’s professional digital services, visit their website here.

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