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We harness the power of the tech for good movement to help NGOs increase their impact

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Our journey

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Establishing the Roots

In March 2020, Tomasz Karwatka, CEO of Divante, came up with the idea to unite tech companies in sharing resources to support non-profits and NGOs in navigating the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Growing the Community

After just a few weeks, 140 technology companies worldwide volunteered their resources and 60 non-profits signed up to get help. The challenges shared by NGOs highlighted the gap between traditional non-profit operating models and those of impact-driven organizations.

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Organising the Movement

After seeing the first successful collaborations come to life, the idea to create to formalize the Tech To The Rescue organization was born. Tech To The Resuce partners with Ashoka to create an impact strategy and a plan to become an independent non-profit.

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Securing the First Round of Funding

In less than two months, the first round of funding was closed. Ten Polish tech companies and VCs united to support organization in the first year.

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Creating the Foundation

After the initial incubation period, Tech To The Rescue officially registers as a foundation in December 2021. At this point, the community includes more than 250 tech companies and more than 300 non-profits. Over 50 pro-bono collaborations were established that improved the lives of millions of people.

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Attaining the Second Round of Funding

The results of the first year showed that the Tech To The Rescue movement had staying power, which led to a second round of funding. 700 000 euros is raised by 18 founding partners from the CEE region. TTTR plans to continue expansion into 2022 and beyond.

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Responding to the War in Ukraine

The Tech To The Rescue community jumped into action in response to the War in Ukraine. More than 700 tech companies rally to support 150+ non-profits in aiding Ukrainian refugees with everything from finding housing and employment to acclimating to new cultures.

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Getting support from Google

In April 2022, we got support from, Google’s philanthropic arm, in the form of $500k in grant funding and a Fellowship. The team of Fellows started working on a pro-bono basis to help enable Tech to the Rescue to scale its platform and efforts globally.

The Core Team

Meet the people who make TTTR happen

Jacek Siadkowski
Co-founder & Managing Director

Daniel Di Giusto
Co-founder & Head of Community

Zuzanna Gutkowska
Head of Operations

Łukasz Garczewski
Head of Technology

Carol Sanchez
Head of Nonprofit Relations

Ana Camerano
Co-Head of Matching

Hanna Polanowska
Co-Head of Matching

Joanna Grudzińska
Head of Growth

Kate Virchenko
Growth Manager

Marcin Majewski
Matching Manager

Board & Advisors

Meet the people who help us achieve our goals

Tomasz Karwatka
Advisory Board

Wiktor Schmidt
Advisory Board

Agata Stafiej-Bartosik
Advisory Board

Maria Zapata
ASHOKA ASPIRe Executive Director and Globalizer Co - Director

Michal Filip Kowalik, PhD
Director, Head of International at Twilio Inc

Christopher Hoffman
Managing Director at Humanity Link

Michael Beares
Founder, Board Chair at Clutch

Carolina Henriquez-Schmitz
Director at Thomson Reuters Foundation

Founding Partners

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