Join our campaign and support non-profit organizations with your tech skills to maximize impact in the light of the ongoing war. Help them design digital solutions that matter.

#TechForUkraine campaign

Our #TechForUkraine campaign has engaged over 500 companies and 170 NGOs.

Local and international NGOs are still in need of digital help to coordinate humanitarian aid and maximize their efforts.

100 projects

In the first phase, we want to match 100 high-impact projects that will help NGOs work more effectively in the light of crisis. So far, we have matched over 60. They include accommodation sharing platforms, apps for children and adolescents, and a charitable NFT collection.  

14 million

More than 14 million people are thought to have fled their homes since Russia's invasion of Ukraine. According to the UN, about 6.6 million have left Ukraine, and 3.5 million of them have fled to Poland.


An estimated number of civillians killed in the conflict since 24 February (data from the Ukrainian Government). This number includes women, children, and elderly people.


How can you support Ukraine

NGOs are at the heart of civil society in Ukraine. While the the age of digitization has dawned, charities are still far behind private businesses and state institutions. Weak security systems, outdated software and a lack of user-friendly UI and UX make it difficult for them to operate.

Improving Cybersecurity
Improving Resource Distribution
Making IT services redundant
Making Donations Easier
Embedded payments
Safe Messaging
Empowering Local Organizations
Better Decision Making with Data
+ More
Easier Donations
Improving Website Usability
Improving Cybersecurity of Services
Increasing Conversions
Implementing Strategic Platforms
Decentralizing Resource Management
Making Collaboration Easier
Implementing Scalable Databases
+ More
GURT runs biannual study of the state of Tech at Ukrainian Non-profits. The need for secure and effective technology is there. Particularly, many CSOs collect and store sensitive personal data without deploying appropriate data protection solutions. Another big issue is UI/UX. Having great ideas behind online services and products offered to beneficiaries, Ukrainian CSOs often are not able to present them is attractive and user-friendly formats due to lack of resources available.
Bogdan Maslych
Executive Director, GURT Resource Center
We decided to support TTTR because it feels like the right thing to do. As a values-driven business, we believe in playing a role in wider society, and donating time and expertise to a well-coordinated effort to make NGOs more efficient and effective is perhaps the best way we can make this planet a better place for our children.
Dmitriy Ivanov
Head of Technology, SoftServe
how to get involved

How can you help?

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Take the pledge

Decide whether you want to provide Custom software development, take part in a 2-week Sprint for impact (27.03-08.04) or pledge your time to provide
meaningful consulting for non-profits.


Select the projects of your interest

Declare in what kind of projects would you like to participate in - define your problem and tech preference. We will get back to you with a list of potential projects that you could support.


Get matched and start building a project

Participate in a Matching Call where you will get to meet the non-profit team and check if there is a spark for a joint project. If yes then all there is left is to participate in a scoping session and you are good to go!


What are the benefits
for your company?

Here’s why others are already joining Tech to the Rescue.

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Become a member of the Tech for Good movement

Social impact becomes one of the most important criteria for Gen Z when choosing their place of work. Companies that are actively involved in the Tech for Good movement will gain a huge advantage over the competition.

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Engage in a pro-bono initiative with tangible results

A lot of seemingly small-scale involvement could go a long way. Don’t worry about finding the right NGO, don’t worry about verifying the impact – get matched by Tech to the Rescue and be sure that you can provide meaningful help.

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Unlock the power of purpose in your organization

Tech talent today seeks flexibility, socially responsible ventures, and value propositions that are about more than just making money. The ones who are capable of connecting purpose and vision with work are going to be able to attract and retain top talents.

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Questions &

Q&A we hear frequently about Tech to the Rescue  and the Tech for Good  movement.

1. What are the key dates?

There are no official deadlines, but we want to start acting as soon as possible.

2. Can we work on projects other than #TechForUkraine?

Yes, Tech to the Rescue regularly matches tech companies with nonprofits who focus  on many different causes. You can fill out the form and once we contact you you can specify which area you are especially interested to make an impact.

3. Custom Software Development - what is it?

The type of support where you provide a whole development team to deliver a full digital solution for nonprofit organizations. Just as with any other commercial project you work in sprints and follow software development good practices.

4. 2-week Sprint for impact - what is it?

It’s a two week event where you can submit your whole team to work with no-code, low-code, or standard solutions to develop websites and simple apps for nonprofit organizations. We want to unmute ourselves and make a great impact in a very short amount of time. The upcoming Sprint for impact is described on this website: https://techtotherescue.org/sprint-for-impact

5. Advisory/Mentoring - what is it?

This option is for people who do not have a whole team whose time they could dedicate to pro-bono work. You can support nonprofit by pledging your time and helping them to solve problems connected to technology, how they work with current tools or with optimizing their workflows.

Start making an impact!

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