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15 examples from top IT companies
Learn how to do CSR well from our partners with longstanding reputation: Softserve, Google, Amazon, Twilio, Netguru, Objectivity, and others. Read case studies and real-life examples you will not find anywhere else.
Engagement model templates
Get access to multiple engagement model templates that are right for your company, depending on your profile and needs. Bench management, hackatons, onboarding programs for newcomers, innovation incubator - choose what suits you best.
Most common and costly mistakes
Avoid pitfalls when developing or expanding your CSR strategy. Learn how to set specific goals and measure results to effectively use your CSR budget. If you’re just getting started with your CSR efforts, we’ve included an additional special section for beginners.
The benefits of well-designed CSR program
See how skills-based volunteering programs can contribute to your business growth and support your recruitment and employer branding efforts. Discover how CSR can help retain top talent and increase employee motivation.