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Report Highlights
1Insights from 10 countries
2Spotlight on Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia
3Successful case studies
4Challenges of building AQ solutions
5How tech players can engage
Insights from 10 countries

Understand the risks connected with poor air quality and reasons why air pollution needs urgent attention from international stakeholders.

Bridging collaborations for better Air Quality
Maggie Carter
Social Responsibility and Impact Director at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
At AWS, we recognize the disproportionate impacts of air pollution on vulnerable communities around the world, the people and places least responsible for the problem; and are committed to using cloud technology to help mitigate this. We believe that working together is the key to unlocking technology’s full potential in this space. Improving air quality is a complex issue that requires collaboration to both build solutions and make impactful air quality data available. Seeing the innovative prototypes built during the hackathon gives me great hope for our ability to combat this issue.
Jacek Swiadkowski
CEO and Co-founder at Tech To The Rescue
In this report, we’re scouting the most impactful initiatives and mapping the most pressing needs in the area. The report’s findings can be a fantastic platform for tech companies to unlock their potential, offering solutions that reshape our world. We create opportunities to learn, utilize, and implement new technologies through the most transformative projects. They are not an extra cost but rather can open doors to new business and social possibilities. Together, we can bridge data gaps, enhance forecasting, monitoring, and information dissemination, and help communities fighting for access to clean air.