Free Software Services offered by Tech Companies to build resilience and strengthen civil society. Implement digital solutions and scale up your activities. Any NGO working for Ukraine can apply.

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Non-profits lack resources to build
strategic digital solutions in a professional way.

Grantmakers and Donors rarely fund solid technology. It's almost impossible to hire a Software Developer with little budgets. Individual volunteers rarely have time to build solid products.


Organizations in Ukraine think they are fully-equiped with technology solutions.


Ukrainian Non-profits lack funds to implement technology.


Non-profits thinks they are not fully secure in terms of digital threats.

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How can you get a professional tech team
to help you with your project

Partner with a Tech Company and increase your impact with a software solution.

1. Submit your general need

Fill in the form you will find on our website for primary verification of your organization. At this stage, we will be checking if you are a registered non-profit and getting a general idea of what technological needs you have.

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2. Submit a more detailed project description

In the next step, you will be asked to take your time to explain the submitted project and its context in more detail. This will show us how the tech project will impact your activities.

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3. Get matched with a tech company and get ready to work jointly on a digital solution

Collaborate with a Tech partner and increase your impact with a software solution. Get devoted tech experts working in your corner.

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Here’s why others are already joining Tech to the Rescue

Learn how you can benefit from joining Tech to the Rescue.

Get support from top tech companies

This is a one of a kind opportunity to get support from a full development team on a pro-bono basis. They will navigate you through software development processes and help you find solutions to everyday challenges.

Fix inefficiencies and make more out of resources you have

Get help in automating processes for things like fundraising which are slowing you down at the moment. Fix problems that are blocking your organization from scaling its impact.

Work with tech for good enthusiasts

By joining Tech to the Rescue you will not only get a chance of having top quality tech solutions to your current challenges, but you will also have devoted tech experts working in your corner. They are here for the cause, they understand your mission and share your values.


There are no official deadlines, but many companies are ready to help you as soon as possible.

Yes, Tech to the Rescue regularly matches tech companies with non-profits who focus on many different causes. You can fill out the form with a different idea and still get matched if you meet all the criteria.

First, to apply for tech support you need to be a registered non-profit. The second factor we take into account is whether the project you are proposing is in line with your general strategy and will help you scale up your activities. Last, we will need to ensure that you have the team resources available to oversee carrying it out.

In TTTR's history, 300 Non-profits applied for help, we selected 60 best projects and matched 52 of them, though we do not guarantee that each project will receive a match –at the end of the day it is up to tech companies to offer their resources for cooperation. Some projects will also take more time to find a proper partner than others. What we can promise is that we will do our best to find the best fit for you.

Get matched with a tech company
and scale your impact!

Everyone can make a difference. Let‘s change the world with your best skills.