Zero Hunger Hackathon

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Registrations close on May 15, 2024 at 23:59 CET

  • The team captain registers the team here.
  • After receiving instructions on adding participants, the captain distributes the registration link to all prospective team members.
  • Each participant must register by May 15th. There’s no limit to the number of teams from one company, but each team must have a minimum of 1 person and a maximum of 6 people.

The Zero Hunger Hackathon is a free, registration-based virtual event. The hackathon aims to develop AI-driven MVPs and use technology to advance food security and improve health equity, especially in the most affected regions.

A Hackathon is a non commercial event to address the most pressing issues nonprofit organizations face. It aims to introduce systemic change and encourage the industry to engage in pro bono and low bono projects as a standard.

However, the winning teams will be granted a budget for implementing their hackathon prototypes at a low bono rate ($30,000 to be distributed among winners according to their future project needs).

Plus, each winner will receive a $1,000 budget to donate to a food-security-related NGO of their choice. 

The hackathon starts on May 22nd 2024, and solutions need to be submitted by May 24th 2024 . Winners will be announced on Friday, May 24th 2024.

A detailed agenda will be revealed soon!

Zero Hunger Hackathon is open to all tech companies that have teams of people over the age of 18 who would like to work together to create real change in just three days.

All you need is an eagerness to use technology to create a solution that will help make the world a better place. Obviously, you can be a programmer, UXer, graphic designer, or business developer, but you don’t have to be. Everyone is welcome!

Companies form teams of 1-6 people. There can be more than one team from each company, and each team can choose which challenge they want to work on.

Individuals interested in taking part in the hackathon shall seek internal allies in their companies and register together.

We accept only teams from companies as participants in the hackathon. We focus on companies because our mission is to make world-changing projects in the low bono and pro bono format become the industry standard. We encourage you to convince your company to participate in the hackathon and register your entire team.

If you need a help in convincing your boss, email us at [email protected]

If you’re an individual without a team but still want to contribute to the hackathon as a mentor or judge, that’s awesome! Send us an email at [email protected] expressing your interest, and we’ll provide you with more information on how you can get involved.

We appreciate your willingness to support the hackathon community!

We’re collaborating with AWS to provide you with unparalleled access to cutting-edge technology. This means AI at your fingertips and promotional AWS Credits to fuel your innovation. Besides that, an opportunity to upskill your team, learn from the best on the market and ability to be a part of an impact contribution. 
Work on real challenges with leading nonprofits and make a difference where it’s most needed.

Teams are free to build solutions using technologies and strategies they consider most suitable, though using Generative AI, ML, and diverse AI models will be encouraged. To give all teams the same chance to prepare for challenges, all details will be disclosed on the event day.

If your non-profit is tackling on food insecurity issues, supporting the UN’s Zero Hunger SDG, or similar goals, and you have a project that needs tech support, just email us at [email protected].

Share your project details, and we’ll check if it’s a good fit for our hackathon.


Companies form teams of 1-6 people. There can be more than one team from each company, and each team can choose which challenge they want to work on.

There is no limit to the number of teams from the same company, as long as each team has between 1-6 members.

Make sure you not only register the team but also each team member. We share all details on the process with Team Captain in the sign-up confirmation email. The real fun begins after your team and all team members are registered!

Read the requirements of the challenge you want to work on (Will be shared soon) ; if you agree with them, proceed. If you’re lost or unsure what to do, contact our mentors through Discord channels and ask for advice!

Invites for the Discord server will be shared 3 weeks before the event.

Unfortunately it’s not possible. One person can be a member of only one team.

Sure, you can change your team as many times as you want, as long as your new team is within your company. If your company registered more than one team, you can change internally.

Yes, as long as your team consists of no more than six members. You’re also free to swap team members if someone is unable to participate. Simply send an invite link to the new team member (accessible in your hackathon dashboard under ‘Team’) and let us know about the change at [email protected].

Yes, as long as your team has a minimum of one member.

Challenges and judging process

The winning teams are required to make the Solution available to the non-profit organization that prepared the Challenge under an open-source license for use by that organization. We decided on open source so that as many nonprofits as possible could benefit from the developed solution, thus having the most significant positive impact on the world with companies offering expertise in similar projects.

To make the competition fair and engaging, all teams participating in the hackathon will learn the technical specifications of the tasks on the first day after the opening ceremony. Each nonprofit will conduct a 30-minute presentation, delving into project details and requirements. After that, for participants’ convenience, all presentations and recordings will be added to the hackathon website.

Challenges are the problems participating nonprofits have identified. Your task during the hackathon is to develop a solution to the challenge and present it to a panel of judges at the end of the event.

All challenges will be announced on our website. Technical requirements of all tasks will be published at the start of the event to give all teams equal chances.

From the finalist teams, the Jury will select winners for each challenge, focusing on the projects’ potential impact.

The winning teams will receive funding to implement their hackathon prototypes at a low bono rate. A total of $30,000 is allocated for these implementations, distributed among winners according to their future project needs.

Additionally, each winner will receive a $1,000 budget to donate to a food-security-related NGO of their choice.

You will need to record a 5 minutes pitch (video) and submit it on the hackathon platform. Then, finalist of each challenge will join a live Q&A session with judges on May 24th. This is your chance to share more about your project and respond to any questions for clarity.

  • First, all the Hackathon teams submit solutions to challenges on the Hackathon Platform on the morning of May 24th.
  • Judges assigned to a particular challenge evaluate submissions asynchronously on Friday morning, and the finalists from every challenge are chosen based on the highest scores. Judges evaluate each submission on the criteria of solution innovation, usefulness, easiness of deployment, and maintaining safety, completeness, and quality of the solution.
  • Finalists to each challenge have up to 10-15 minutes to defend their solutions before their panel of 3 judges and answer their questions. Judges choose one winner for each challenge.

For more details, see our Terms and Conditions.

Mentors & Judges Availability

All Mentors declare their availability during the hackathon, between 22nd May (starting from 4PM CET) and 24th May (until 3PM CET). In this time range, the Mentor can pick from 2 to 8 hours in which he/she will be available for the teams.

All Judges declare their availability during the hackathon’s
finals and judging session (24th of May, between 3 PM and
8:30 PM CET). 

22-24 May, 2024   |   Free Online Event

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