In the global fight against climate change, collaboration between tech companies and nonprofit organizations has become increasingly vital.

In this article, we want to highlight the inspiring partnership, where we matched The Climate Reality Project Europe and the Poland-based software company Archware, resulting in an impactful tech collaboration that empowered climate activists across Europe.

About The Climate Reality Project

At the heart of The Climate Reality Project‘s mission lies the vision of a just and sustainable net-zero future. Founded by former US Vice President Al Gore, the organization is committed to mobilizing individuals worldwide to advocate for urgent climate action. With a global network exceeding 3.5 million members, including approximately 4,000 Climate Reality Leaders in Europe alone, the project operates on a massive scale. Its aim? To drive transformative change across societal, political, economic, and environmental spheres, ultimately achieving true net-zero emissions by 2050.

The Challenge of Training a pan European Cohort of Climate Activists 

The Europe Branch of The Climate Reality Project faced a significant challenge in streamlining the user experience for participants of their first virtual training program focusing on climate justice. Utilizing a patchwork of tools led to a fragmented experience for training participants, increasing dropout rates and administrative burdens.

From Idea to Implementation

We presented this impactful project to the tech team at Archware, and they immediately expressed their willingness to build a digital platform on a pro-bono basis for the nonprofit and to revolutionize the training solution and experience for participants. Archware’s approach to the project unfolded in four key steps.

1. Workshop and Roadmap: Through a design-level Event Storming workshop, Archware and The Climate Reality Project established a shared understanding of the project’s scope and goals, laying the groundwork for a cohesive roadmap.

2. Design Phase: Leveraging tools like Figma and the Ant Design UI framework, Archware crafted intuitive wireframes and prototypes, ensuring alignment with user needs and project objectives.

3. Technical Implementation: Using cutting-edge technologies like TypeScript, React, and NextJS, Archware built a robust frontend interface, while Firestore and Auth0 provided seamless authentication and data management solutions.

4. Addressing Challenges: Throughout the process, Archware remained agile, addressing challenges such as participant allowlisting and sign-in/sign-up UX issues with creative solutions and ongoing support.

Impact and Results

The collaboration yielded tangible results: a streamlined, centralized training platform that facilitated a 2-week course for over 100 participants, doubling completion rates from previous years. By providing access to recorded sessions, assignments, and additional resources, the platform enhanced the user experience, driving increased engagement and participation.

Copyrights: The Climate Reality Project Europe


In the battle against climate change, collaboration is key. The partnership between The Climate Reality Project Europe and Archware facilitated by Tech To The Rescue, exemplifies the power of tech innovation to drive meaningful change, empowering activists to become catalysts for a more sustainable future.


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Image Copyrights: The Climate Reality Project Europe
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