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The Good Food Institute Europe — A new website with a successful SEO boost

Sophie Armour, Communications Manager, The Good Food Institute Europe

From the initial meeting, it was only a couple of weeks before SeoFly got to work. I didn’t realize that there were so many aspects to SEO beyond getting the right phrases in the copy. I learnt a whole range of strategies through the partnership that I would have never known if I was just doing this myself. The team at SeoFly also produced a really useful full report covering every single page of our website. I was so impressed.

Sophie Armour, Communications Manager, The Good Food Institute Europe

The Good Food Institute (GFI) is a nonprofit working internationally to accelerate alternative protein innovation and in doing so, make sustainable food options the default choice for consumers. The organization works to make plant-based and cultivated meat delicious, affordable and accessible. Its ultimate goal is to mitigate the environmental impact of our food system, reduce risks to public health, and ultimately feed a greater number of people with fewer resources. GFI Europe was looking to create a new website dedicated specifically to the European market and to differentiate the content from the materials on its US website. It needed effective SEO support, which would make sure that the site ranked highly in search engines. Here’s where Tech To The Rescue stepped in.


The Good Food Institute Europe was matched with SeoFly, which worked with the internal team to audit all the existing pages, implement SEO improvements and advise the internal team on how to write and manage content on the European website going forward. Sophie was presented with a comprehensive report that taught her about a range of important technical SEO methods, including formatting headings effectively, inputting metadata and image captions and working on backlinks.


The website has been live since the end of August 2021 and t’s grown considerably – with traffic coming from search engines up by 300% since launch. Today, the GFI internal team continues to apply the same SEO principles to new content, which they learned from SeoFly. Sophie says that one of the most impactful things that have come out of the website is the ability to host job offerings. The Good Food Institute is still in start-up mode in Europe and is looking to scale rapidly, so the website is instrumental in attracting the much needed new talent.

Mariusz Jałyński, Manager SEO, SeoFly

Good Food Institute approached us with a need for SEO support during the development phase of a new website for European countries. It's extremely important to start the SEO optimization work at the moment of planning it with the developer. We were glad to use our knowledge and experience in this area, because GFI's activity is particularly close to us, as it improves the availability of alternative proteins positively influencing the environment and the quality of produced food. I'm proud of the work we've done, which has yielded the expected results and will positively contribute to the spread of GFI's knowledge and activities. This is an important step towards building a better tomorrow and an awareness of modern solutions that benefit us all.

Mariusz Jałyński, Manager SEO, SeoFly
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