Tech for Ukraine

Support Ukrainian Children in Dealing with Trauma

Bryan McCormack, Founder of Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow

I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency and speed with which everything happened. Within a week, we basically had a working app. The process of collaboration was perfect! Sai fully understood what we were about and he literally sent me the concept for the app within a day. I was so impressed.

Bryan McCormack, Founder of Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow

Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow (YTT), is a Paris-located, global art-based Humanitarian NGO that develops and implements an unparalleled psychosocial support Learning Approach to refugee communities around the world. The YTT founder reached out to Tech To The Rescue to help develop an app for Ukrainian refugee children. The idea was that all parents and caregivers could download the app on their phones and use it with their children to help them deal with the trauma they suffered as victims of war.


Tech to The Rescue partnered YTT with Sai Charan Tej, Founder of AI Quotient. Together, they worked to develop an app with 4 exercises that would engage Ukrainian children and help them to work through the emotions they experienced. The app was based on the learning approach, methodology, and content that YTT had developed with the aim of providing psychosocial support to children around the world.


About 30 local NGOs have now signed up for the app and will be promoting it to the communities and volunteers they work with. It’s early days, but there is potential for widespread, long-term use. Tech To The Rescue is in the process of planning a second partnership for YTT to help scale its digital support. Watch this space!

About 30 local NGOs have signed up for the app and will be promoting it to the communities and volunteers they work with.

Sai Charan Tej, Founder of AI Quotient

At AI Quotient, we believe in leveraging AI to solve the world's most pressing problems. The war in Ukraine is one such problem that deeply affected us and we were looking for an opportunity to help the refugees. This is when we came across the wonderful 'Tech to the Rescue' platform and one project on the platform that caught our attention is the YTT initiative to help kids deals with war trauma. As the founder, I felt we can help these kids with an engaging app in a matter of days using the low-code platform Glide. When Magda connected me to Bryan, I was impressed by his clarity of the problem statement and his commitment to the cause. Throughout the engagement, Bryan and his team provided meticulous and timely feedback on the app functionality - this resulted in an iterative approach that significantly reduced the development time for the application. We also leveraged AI techniques like Language Translation to support the development of the app in multiple languages. We are eagerly looking forward to further improving the app based on user feedback and positively impacting the war-torn lives of these kids.

Sai Charan Tej, Founder of AI Quotient
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