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Peace of Heart — NFTs as a new method of fundraising for Ukrainian war victims

Marek Abłasewicz, Marketing Specialist, Polish Humanitarian Action

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the efficiency with which everything has happened. We literally met with Indahash for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and now we already have a website for the product and we’re going live.

Marek Abłasewicz, Marketing Specialist, Polish Humanitarian Action

Polish Humanitarian Action's ultimate mission is to make the world a better place by alleviating human suffering and promoting humanitarian values. It offers financial support, support in the form of services, and importantly also basic necessities such as food packs, hygiene kits, and shelter for the night to the people who need it most. The charity was looking for new ways to support victims of war in Ukraine and wanted to explore innovative digital solutions that would be able to scale quickly.


Through Tech To The Rescue, Polish Humanitarian Action was put in touch with influencer marketing app, Indahash, to create Peace of Heart, a charitable NFT collection, supporting Ukraine and its citizens. The NFTs which it features were created by digitizing drawings made by Ukrainian children, and highlight the experiences and emotions that they are faced with in their new, difficult reality. Everyone who supports the fundraising will in return receive a unique NFT – a digital version of a drawing made by a child from Ukraine.


Peace of Heart is soon to be launched and will be marketed to all NFT enthusiasts. If it proves successful, Polish Humanitarian Action is already considering what further projects it could be used for – potentially some on which the foundation is already working in the developing world. The project has certainly opened up the charity to the possibility of trialing new, innovative fundraising methods.

Maciej Lissowski, Member Of The Management Board at indaHash

The world of NFTs is still very new and is filled with possibilities hence we are really proud to be a part of such an impactful project. We believe that our tokens can offer companies a chance to be charitable in new ways, and that thanks to royalties, we’ll be able to multiply the impact of sales. We also really hope that we will encourage other partner organizations to support Peace of Heart.

Maciej Lissowski, Member Of The Management Board at indaHash
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