UX Design
20 work hours

Hackers - optimized user experience



The main goal of the Hakersi organization is to support digitally excluded children, mainly by providing access to new technologies and digital competencies. To carry out its mission, Hakersi needs to increase the number of donors acquired by their ​​website.


The usability experts from Droids On Roids – a mobile app development company – prepared a thorough design review of the hakersi.pl, and defined areas for its improvement. They analyzed donors’ key motivations, the functionalities categories of fundraising organizations’ websites, and created Wireframes visualizing the new main page. All with the focus to make it more attractive to users and gaining more sponsors.


Hakersi is in the process of modifying their website based on the analysis and tips received from Droids On Roids. First changes have already been introduced. Among others, they expanded subpages and added new elements necessary to attract more sponsors and individual donors. Users can see specific projects they can support, various forms of assistance, and partners' opinions about the organization. Hakersi plans to implement other solutions suggested by their UX consultant.

Increase in the number of raised funds

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