Animal Welfare
300 work hours

Banks For Animals - interactive campaigning website

Eduarda Nedeff, Corporate Engagement Director, Sinergia Animal

The partnership with Tech To The Rescue, Gerere and Netguru has been of huge importance, as it allowed us to transform the data we have from a static pdf into a dynamic website where people can do searches and send messages directly to a selected financial institution. It has been a real pleasure to work with the super professional and friendly teams and we are very grateful for their dedication to this project.

Eduarda Nedeff, Corporate Engagement Director, Sinergia Animal

Businesses that rely on some of the cruelest practices towards animals – such as mutilations, animal testing and wildlife trade – often get banks’ financial support. Making bank’s policies transparent will help put pressure on banks to change their policies to include animal welfare.


A website comparing bank’s policies on financing the sector. The site should allow people to compare the scores of a selection of banks, see the detailed information about how each bank scored on each criterion, and use social media to send a message to their bank, asking it to improve its policies.


A transparent source of information on current state of policies to make better choices, to push banks to improve their policies when it comes to animal welfare.

Increased capacity to enforce system change in the industry

Magda Krukowska, Product Designer, Netguru

Having in mind that the purpose of this project is to reduce suffering of farming animals, I felt not only a sense of mission and meaningfulness of my work but also a great responsibility to bring something good to humanity. As a designer I feel we need more meaningful projects that will meet society's and humanity's expectations, ensuring that what we provide is sustainable. And to make it happen we need support of committed, sustainable, mission- driven organizations and companies, like Sinergia Animal, Tech To The Rescue and Gerere, with which I had a great pleasure to cooperate with.

Magda Krukowska, Product Designer, Netguru
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