Anger Heroes – Turn Your Anger into a Superpower

Marjan Gryson, founder of Touché, making the world positively aggressive - Ashoka fellow

Our strength as an NGO/social organization is that we have a very clear vision of how the world could become a better place and how we can get there - an ambitious mission to include everyone in the whole world in the process with 15 years of real-life and impactful experience working with people, groups, and systems. What we don’t have is the technical skills to envision, design, and develop the digital infrastructure to drive this global mission, nor the resources to pay for this expertise. Thanks to the cooperation with LiveChat, we can co-create a new platform with our complementary skills, strengths, and expertise, which will enable us to realize our shared mission.

Marjan Gryson, founder of Touché, making the world positively aggressive - Ashoka fellow

Touché seeks to inspire society to deal with aggression in a constructive way and work with people who suffer because of it. Touché integrates people with aggression-related problems and creates opportunities for them to work together and support each other. Their work focuses on helping to improve Belgium's prison system by providing mental health care, youth care, and education with therapy programs, training programs, social campaigns, or even boxing or stillness programs. The Touché team was able to achieve a great impact, both on an individual and societal level, changing more than 1500 people's lives yearly. However, they noticed that just scaling up their organization wouldn’t allow them to create the corresponding impact globally. That’s why they’ve decided to create a global community platform that translates people's anger into energy that can be redirected and utilized positively.


Together with the Touche foundation, the LiveChat team spent a considerable amount of time brainstorming the project. They used the Miro platform to gather all the ideas from the online workshops. LiveChatters have also been working to prepare a website with all the information about the initiative and a collection of inspiring real-life hero' stories about how they were able to manage their anger. The team also launched a chatbot called RAWbot. By talking with the chatbot, visitors can recognize and control their anger, and then use this energy to realize positive goals. The scenario was consulted with psychologists.


- the first 13 Anger Heroes' stories were published on the website (https://www.angerheroes.com/our-stories/) - more than +1500 conversations were carried out with RAWbot - the Anger Heroes website has been visited by users from more than 40 countries

More than +1500 conversations were carried out with RAWbot

More than +1500 conversations were carried out with RAWbot

Miłosz Zarzycki, Product Manager at LiveChat

Working on this project was one of the most incredible things that happened last year! It was a great way to challenge myself, use the tools and techniques in a different way than my daily work, and discover new approaches to solving problems with a huge social impact. I benefited from this project on so many levels, both personally and professionally!

Miłosz Zarzycki, Product Manager at LiveChat
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