The AI Revolution for Nonprofits

Artificial intelligence (AI) has ignited a revolution across various sectors, and the nonprofit sector cannot be left behind. Drawing on our experience working with nonprofits from more than 80 countries, we see over and over again that nonprofits are on the frontlines of addressing critical global issues, from climate change to education, healthcare, and disaster management. To help them maximize their impact, we launched the AI for Changemakers, a program through which we empower 100 selected nonprofits with AI strategy and solutions, by fostering meaningful pro-bono partnerships with tech companies. 

To embark on this journey, nonprofits must understand AI and use its potential effectively and responsibly. In this article, we shed light on some opportunities that AI opens for nonprofits, as well as practical steps, and considerations for every nonprofit organization that wants to join the AI revolution. 



Opportunities for Using AI in Nonprofits

Boosting Efficiency in Operations and Program Delivery

AI can streamline operations by automating time-consuming tasks, such as data entry and analysis, freeing up time for more strategic tasks or inherently human activities – an aspect that is so often crucial in working with communities on the ground. What’s more, AI can significantly improve program delivery by analyzing data to identify areas for improvement. 

Use case: Our impactful match between CRIES, a nonprofit organization monitoring and advocating for the human rights of indigenous communities in South America, and Simply Next, a pioneering AI company based in Singapore, is a good example. Their pro-bono collaboration gave birth to an AI system trained to navigate the vast expanses of the internet, and extract information regarding incidents involving indigenous communities, with a precision and speed impossible for the CRIES team to reach. With a more comprehensible and complete database and real-time updates, AI significantly enhanced the monitoring capabilities, enabling CRIES to have a bigger impact on their core activities. 

“This collaboration was the genesis of a transformative journey, leveraging AI to revolutionize  how  we  monitor,  report,  and advocate for the rights of indigenous communities in South America.” Fervin Serlva, Program Manager at CRIES 

Enhancing Communication and Outreach

Effective communication is vital for nonprofits, and AI can assist in creating engaging content for social media, email campaigns, and marketing initiatives. GenAI tools have become game-changers for nonprofits producing captivating content for social media, persuasive emails, and even generating creative ideas for new campaigns. These AI-powered communication strategies help nonprofits strengthen their connections with stakeholders and maximize the impact of their messaging.

Use case: This approach has been successfully employed by Animal Ethics (AE), a US-based NGO that advocates for animal welfare by combating common biases about wild animals. We matched AE with Freeport Metrics (also US), a software company that is frequently engaging in impact projects, to develop an AI powered chatbot that uses Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) to provide accurate and unbiased information about animals, animal ethics, and the issue of wild animal suffering. Go to the Animal Ethics website to see how the chatbot works!

Enhancing Fundraising and Donor Engagement

AI can transform fundraising by analyzing donor data to identify trends and predict future giving behaviors. By using AI-powered tools, nonprofits can personalize donor outreach, crafting tailored messages that resonate with individual supporters. For example, AI algorithms can help create personalized donation appeals or identify potential major donors, enhancing both donor retention and acquisition. 

Use case: A good example is Zero Emissions World (ZEW). This Portugal-based nonprofit is leveraging the AWS Cloud to build a global social impact network, where individuals engage in a gamified model comprising of engaging “missions” for positive change. The ZEW team is now working on an AI tool that analyzes donor data and creates personalized mission recommendations based on individual donors’ profiles and preferences.   


How Your Nonprofit Can Get Started with AI by taking part in the AI for Changemakers Program

At Tech To The Rescue, we are committed to bridging the AI access gap for outstanding nonprofits, and we launched the AI for Changemakers program with support from AWS and, to forge impactful partnerships between tech and nonprofit organizations. Here is how your organization can benefit from the program and get started with AI. 

Identify Key Areas for Improvement

Start by identifying areas where AI could be easily implemented, and could bring the most yielding results. This could involve enhancing fundraising, streamlining operations, or improving program delivery, but it is your team’s responsibility to identify specific pain points, and then consult technical and responsible AI experts to understand the possibilities and how to minimize risks.

As a part of the AI for Changemakers program, all selected nonprofits go though a first educational phase called the AI Bootcamp, run by industry leaders and AI experts. This will equip all participants with a good understanding of the potential and risks related to implementing AI. 

Pilot and Refine

Implement AI slowly, starting with small pilots and testing processes and outcomes carefully. This approach will allow your organization to identify and address issues before scaling up. As in the case of every innovation project, your team should be prepared to revise the AI strategy based on feedback and results.

To make space for experimentation and revisions, we designed the AI Sandbox. Working in impact cohorts, tech companies and nonprofits participating in the AI for Changemakers accelerator program become part of a vibrant and global community of practice, where they have access to mentors and consultants from various areas such as Design Thinking, Human Centered Design, Responsible AI, Legal aspects of implementing AI and more. 

Invest in Training and Collaboration

Nonprofits should invest in training to ensure that staff have the necessary skills to use AI effectively. Collaborating with tech companies or experts can also provide valuable insights and resources. By working together, nonprofits and tech leaders can create accessible and affordable AI solutions tailored to the unique needs of the sector.

Implementing AI in your nonprofit is a journey, and your team will experience wins and, without a doubt, difficulties on your way. That is why we believe the impactful partnerships enabled by the AI for Changemakers program have the potential to turn an “AI project” into a long-term AI collaboration, with multiple beneficiaries. Learn more about the program.


Next Step: Embracing the AI Revolution for Impact through Meaningful Partnerships 

In this AI-driven era, nonprofits have a unique opportunity to enhance their impact by leveraging AI technologies. By embracing these tools responsibly and strategically, nonprofits can revolutionize their operations, improve their outreach, and create meaningful change in the communities they serve. At Tech To The Rescue, we strongly believe the way forward lies in collaborations between tech leaders, software companies, and nonprofits to make AI accessible and affordable for these vital organizations. 


Visit the AI for Changemakers website to find out about how your organization can join the program. 

Do you have questions? Do you want to become a partner on our journey to empower nonprofits with AI? Get in touch at [email protected].


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