Started June 2024

1st Cohort: Disaster Management

Boost your disaster management efforts with AI innovation

Meet the changemakers in this cohort

Register your tech company to join the AI for Changemakers community on Discord and have the chance to collaborate with the 10 nonprofit organisations selected in this cohort.

What kind of organisations are part of the cohort?

We are welcoming organizations applications from nonprofits ready to learn and implement AI to boost their efficiency and make a greater impact in disaster response and recovery.

  1. Nonprofits focused on disaster management: Organizations dedicated to disaster prediction, emergency response, recovery efforts, and resilience building are encouraged to apply.

  2. Environmental and social nonprofits: Groups working on broader social and environmental issues that intersect with disaster management, such as climate change mitigation, community health, and infrastructure resilience, are welcome.

  3. Nonprofits seeking technological advancement: Organizations looking to integrate advanced AI solutions to enhance their operational efficiency, data analysis, and overall impact in disaster management can benefit from our program.
Stage 1

Nonprofit recruitment

May 2024

Registrations for nonprofit organisations in this cohort are now closed.

Stage 2

AI Bootcamp

June - July 2024

This cohort is currently participating in a 7-week online AI Bootcamp program, after which they will formulate the AI strategy for their organisation and identify AI projects that can boost their efficiency. The AI bootcamp for Cohort 1 is co-led by industry leaders coming from our program partners Netguru, IDEO and Speednet.

Stage 3

AI Sandbox

August 2024

Nonprofits and Tech Companies collaboration

In this phase, we are matching tech companies with nonprofits to work together on pro-bono AI projects that help to accelerate the impact of changemakers and create better future for all. Over the next 2 years, the matched partners benefit from mentorship opportunities coming from the AI for Changemakers community on Discord, participation in community events such as Hackathons, Demo Days and annual AI for Good Awards. 

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Program mentors

Members of AI for Changemakers will be offered expertise, guidance and support of industry experts.

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