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2nd Cohort: Climate

Accelerate your climate actions with AI​

What kind of organisations should apply?​

Nonprofits tackling climate-related issues can join our program to access AI strategies and solutions developed by tech companies on  a pro-bono basis. 

We’re receiving applications from organizations looking to leverage AI to enhance their impact, streamline operations, and drive innovative solutions in their climate-related efforts.

  1. Climate-focused nonprofits: Organizations dedicated to addressing climate change through various initiatives, including mitigation, adaptation, and sustainability projects.

  2. Environmental advocacy groups: NGOs working on broader environmental issues that intersect with climate action, such as biodiversity conservation, pollution control, and renewable energy promotion.

  3. Humanitarian organizations involving climate as a transversal topic: Aid-focused nonprofits that take climate as a factor in their operations and work on tackling its humanitarian effects, such as climate refugees, food insecurity caused by climate change, and climate-related disasters. :

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Stage 1

Nonprofit recruitment

April 18 - July 20, 2024

Be one of the 30 nonprofit organisations participating in this cohort! To be selected, your organisation should showcase a scalable social intervention with high impact potential in addressing climate-related challenges. A strong, diverse, and committed leadership team is essential. You should have the capacity to strategically implement AI with dedicated resources and possess the technical skills to maintain AI solutions.  

Stage 2

AI Bootcamp

September 10 - October 25, 2024

Selected nonprofits will participate in a 7-week online AI Bootcamp, led by our partner organisations, to develop AI skills and create an AI strategy for their organisation. By the end of the Bootcamp, the nonprofits will also formulate AI project briefs, which will be pitched to tech companies within the AI for Changemakers community for pro-bono development.

Stage 3

AI Sandbox

Starting November 2024

Nonprofits and Tech Companies collaboration

In this phase, we are matching tech companies with nonprofits to work together on pro-bono AI projects that help to accelerate the impact of changemakers and create better future for all. Over the next months, the matched partners benefit from mentorship opportunities coming from the AI for Changemakers community on Discord, participation in community events such as Hackathons, Demo Days and annual AI for Good Awards. 

Program mentors

Members of AI for Changemakers will be offered expertise, guidance and support of industry experts.

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